“Us Humans Are Something, Aren’t We?!!”

human angels


Monday, Monday … you’ve come to greet us again!  Let’s do this, then!

Yes, I am in an “us” mode, lately.  You know, sometimes I get bored with the mundane stuff that everybody does and says … and I want to say something different … think it at least … like peace and love and harmony.  I know, some folks might say that this is “utopian thought”, and I would agree.  But then again … why NOT?!!!  We think all kinds of stuff until much of it becomes some of our realities!!  So, why not expend our energies on some Utopian thought?!!!
Now, I just like to reflect from time to time on how “decent” some of us “humans” are!  There are really a lot of good folks on the planet.  I mean, we ALL have our challenges and many of us quite often “bounce back” when we hit an obstacle.  The human journey is one of intrigue and suspense!  What will “we” do next?  So over the 4th of July Weekend, I noticed acts of kindness on the part of someone who could’ve been very “ugly” in their behavior.  Us “humans” have had a history of being “ugly” towards each other for hundreds and hundreds of years … thousands even!  Who really knows how long?!?  Yet, the lines in the supermarkets I visited were handled well, the cashiers who actually worked on the 4th of July, keeping supplies available for all the “Independence Day” Celebrations!  I tried to show “random acts of kindness” in traffic, on lines in stores and service stations, even on the street!  I can tell you, I was happily surprised that there were “no incidents” that I was involved in where someone got hurt or argued incessantly.  However, last night as I was leaving Publix near Young Circle … it is exactly that, too … a circle … one woman didn’t have her blinker on signaling her turn into the supermarket parking lot.  So we jostled and “danced” with our cars until I could finally see her.  I asked her, “Why don’t you put your blinker on?”  She asked me, “What are you doing way over here?” (I was in then incoming lane a bit because I was trying to exit but … didn’t see her blinker on.  So I entered the turning lane to find her turning towards me, too!)  So, as she ignored my question regarding her blinker, which in my opinion, set the whole thing off, we bantered a bit (no racial slurs!), let off some steam and I “mosied” on out of the lane and into traffic … and home again!
We can get along, if we try …  us “humans”!  Some of us practice it daily, which is why I like yoga so much.  It gives me the time away from “the world” we’ve created and allows me to visit “myself” and explore my feelings and depth!  I marvel at the fact that we haven’t blown up the world yet, and can play a soccer game with women from each nation like yesterday’s FIFA Soccer Game with the USA vs Japan (two nations who fought each other in a World War!), and culminate the sporting event without incident, as well!  One friend of mine, Frank Jones, whose birthday was Friday past (another friend with a birthday this month as well as Michele Rinks, a friend from Tennessee who celebrated her birthday that day, too!) posted a picture of he and his sons on social media with a theme of “forgiveness”.  I thought that was very appropriate timing as Frank and I go way back to teen years in Westchester, NY playing in a band for years together, and, since my daughter has just moved back down to Florida and is staying with my sister Edna in Port St. Lucie!  I enjoy my life in its simplicity because I don’t allow myself to get too muddled not to recognize the “lessons of life” when they present themselves to me.
So, give your self a pat on the back for staying “civilized” and try to move our world forward during this second half of the year 2015!

John I. Cook, Director

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