“I Want to Thank You!”

thanks this much


Happy Friday, All!

Yes, yes!  And I’m sending a warm T.G.I.F to each of youse!  I am serious!!!  It’s hot down here … so ….
I’ve often been one to try to behave positive, though not perfect at it.  Yes, sometimes it is difficult to stay positive.  And I see people struggling with the same thing each day.  I try to add a bit of positiveness, if “they’ll” let me!  Some folks like staying stuck in that “fighter” mode … looking for “fights”, mostly verbal, and often have no desire nor interest in peace.  I mean, I can understand that sometimes folks get “hyper” – I do – but they need to do something about that to stay in normal “harmony” mode unless otherwise called forth to do so … like in an NBA basketball game or the armed forces!!
One of the most moving events recently occurred because someone seemingly shared some heartfelt “grief” for the desire of a State Capitol’s representatives to keep the Confederate flag flying there in Charleston, SC!  I watched segments of the speech, read numerous articles on both sides … peace be still … and finally Jenny Horne, a descendant of former Confederate President Jefferson Davis dug deep to challenge the “old Southern aristocratic” mode of thought that kept that flag flying long after the Civil War was over!!  It is evident how some folks would rather hold on to symbols of the past … evil and hurtful symbols, which some claim, were simultaneously symbols of those who believed in a particular lifestyle which is no longer the norm.  I hide my own sentiments when I think of the horrors, evils, deaths and pure agony that many African Americans must have endured under that same “symbol”.
So I say simply and sweetly that I want to thank all those who stood firm and tall, spoke their hearts messages that finally led to bringing that flag to a museum where “outdated” historical items are better suited.

John I. Cook, Director

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