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just in case you wanted to know

It’s Friday, isn’t it!! I mean, daaaannng! The end of the first full week of the new year … I am grateful … for everything … and everybody. T.G.I.F.!! A friend of mine whom I met through Kevin Hall, my “Stretch Zone” expert friend named Alexis, posted something on social media about meditating, understanding and enjoying ones’ life while taking showers, drinking tea … even eating. Savor the flavors, smell the aromas and sense the water falling on your body! Heighten your awareness of “the now”. In my opinion, we often take way too much for granted … like our breath and our bodies!!

So, what are your thoughts on what happened in Paris at the satirical newspaper’s office? Specific people were sought … called out by name … and executed!! For me, I haven’t done much if any research, except the media’s take on everything, so I just have a gut reaction … which doesn’t feel very good. It seems way barbaric to me … the whole gun thing annoys me very much nowadays. Two Parisians who joined the terrorist movement and turned against their own country in honor of Islam and it’s leaders, whom the newspaper made fun of, are still on the run. This horrific event, against freedom of expression, has had a ripple effect world-wide. The latest development that I just heard is that the two “terrorists” still on the run (one young man turned himself in and several others were already arrested) have taken a hostage and are “held up” in a location as authorities continue to pursue them. The showdown is in full swing.

Just so that you all know, I will continue to send e-mails to you, unless you tell me otherwise, whether you send a donation or not. It is just the nature of Educational Excellence. If you know me, you know that I don’t live a fancy luxurious lifestyle … I keep it simple, I work very hard and often offer full disclosure of the business’s goals and means and circumstances. Special thanks going out to J. Gardner Hodder (aka Gary Hodder) for your donation on Monday. As the New Year gets under way, feel free to use the Pay Pal link to send donations, as well as to forward the business website and blog to those who may be interested in my services, be it a motivational talk or an emcee for an event as well as keynote speaker.


John I. Cook, Director
Educational Excellence

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