Getting a Fresh Start!

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Happy Hump Day, All!

You all know, as do I, that ” … life is like a box of chocolates …”, hopefully as sweet as those darn candies!! Yet, when the occasion arises, and clear changes are needed, it is important to act … not just talk … or write in my case … but to act, too!

I seek to run Educational Excellence as a sole proprietorship, and, while registered with, I do not have a “501(c)3” with the IRS, which allows tax exempt status for donations. The reality of it is that I would like to receive funds for the writing and publishing of the e-mails and blog posts. I have been sending them out for 5 years and have over 500 posts with Educational Excellence’s blog page. After receiving a couple of suggestions, and after receiving help from several of you already … you know who you are (I greatly appreciate your help over the months and years!), I am asking that there be a “surcharge” of $10/month per person (if it’s do-able for you) to help me with the smooth running of Educational Excellence, which includes internet and “hard” (but fun!) labor in writing the posts. I recall working with A.C.O.R.N. in both Nashville and Orlando, where I set up a neighborhood with the “Association of Community based Organization for Reform Now”, and the members had a $10/month membership fee, which I was responsible for collecting going door by door and receiving checks and cash from the organization’s members!

I have done a lot of volunteer work in the name of Educational Excellence, the most recent one was with Parkway Middle School’s “Young Men of Honor” directed by Mr. Patrick Leon Cure where I spoke with the young men about “Stop the Violence”. They were fantastic! My dream, of course, is to attend some of the parks’ events in the Miami Gardens area and even Miami when they hold Peace Rallies as was done this past weekend with Trayvon Martin’s Dad, Tracy, there speaking on peace. I would like to introduce activities that reduce stress like yoga and meditation and aid in keeping ones self calm and under control. I have done events like this at the African American Research Library and Cultural Center in Ft. Lauderdale for Ms. Patricia Lesesne’s then group, “Mentoring Tomorrow’s Leaders” (it is still the same now though she has moved on to Miami Public Schools) which included my favorite “signature skit” of “The American Gangster” with a scene that I wrote and act to demonstrate to the youth how in a moment’s notice, one can drop to their knees, ask for divine power, and “Stop the Violence”! While I didn’t get paid for that event with over 200 students present in the AARLCC’s Main Auditorium, Ms. Lesesne had the organization and the school purchase 300 copies of my first book, “From the Projects to Princeton”! I received a $4/royalty on each book! I have done a workshop/talk for the Boys and Girl’s Club in Lauderhill with Mr. Eric Louis, as well as given graduation speeches for the Urban League of Broward County’s “Project Embrace” for youth who completed their “after school program”.

So, tell me what you think about this direction I am proposing, use the PayPal link below to donate $10/ this month to Educational Excellence … and me, and pass me on to others who may be able to utilize my services of motivational speaking on a variety of topics. Visit the attached links below for more information and to make a donation! Thank you in advance.


John I. Cook, Director
Educational Excellence
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