“Have You Ever Made A Mistake?”

Woolf Truth

It’s Monday . . .

I can hear the sound of a pin drop on that one!! Life seems to have a way of working itself out, but I have found, it is better if you are honest. I mean, perfect or not, it is better to be honest. And, to be perfectly honest, I don’t know anyone who is perfect … do you?! Perfection is something that people seek but are seldom able to be perfect. I have a great example, my mother . . . Now, I am not saying that she never ever did anything wrong because I don’t know. But I have never ever seen her be unfair, dishonest, or intentionally try to hurt someone. My father was her first boyfriend, though he was far from perfect, and they remained married for 50 years … until “death did them part”.

For me, it is important to be honest, not only because my father drilled it into our heads … and hearts, but because it helps things run smoothly. A quick example, say you are in a plane with a guy who lies all the time as your pilot. The plane starts to sputter and you ask him what is happening … Do you expect the truth? If he says, “Everything is fine, don’t worry about your parachute!”, what would you do? Hopefully, you get my point.

I have had people tell me that I shouldn’t tell others about challenges in my past. Now, mind you, I don’t go around volunteering information that was NOT asked of me, but I have no shame about how I live life today. I try to be honest, keep it simple and be the best that I can be. For me, it is better to get into the habit of telling the truth early in life, as my parents did with me. That way, it becomes a value that one can internalize and not have to give it … or ones lies … a second thought. Now, keep in mind, I know we ALL have fallen short at some point or another in our lives. Be humble yet proud, be truthful … not just loud!

Have a great week! “I am Charlie!”


John I. Cook, Director
Educational Excellence
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