Don’t Let It Be A Fleeting Thought . . .

help the earth

“Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hump Day has arrived!”

It is the mid-point of another week … in April!! Like nearly the last week in April, too!! Where did the New Year go, already?! We often get lulled into a false sense of security as things continue to happen around us. I mean, two men … one in South Africa and one here in Florida … kill women whom they claimed to once love! How do you do that?! Is it a sign of the times??? The reason I mention these killings is because they are high profile trials that EVERYONE was watching. Most people believe that “Blade Runner” did indeed murder his model girlfriend out of jealousy. Reports had it that their relationship wasn’t that strong anyway! In fact, it was in trouble. The other character who married a lovely young woman … to kill her for insurance money … and tried to defend himself, clearly seems troubled and guilty. The verdict is in on him and others anxiously await “Blade Runner’s” fate. The whole world is watching . . .

Yesterday was Earth Day and it, too, seems to come and go quickly … like Easter/Resurrection Day! There are those of us who support certain activities or movements, like yoga or ballet, and these “things” become a part of our life styles. Imagine how the Earth must feel nowadays … Picture yourself as the Earth … with tunnels dug all through you, structures (the largest in the world!) being built on top of you, substances being removed from your body and placed in vehicles or homes for fuel or heating! Have you ever considered those images?! How do you think the Earth responds?? Maybe sink holes and earthquakes, tsunamis and relentless storms causing the erosion of beaches and the destruction of these aforementioned structures are the Earth’s answer to our negligence! Are we too far gone now?! Have I said enough??

Well, just yesterday, a friend and I were checking the statistics of readers (from my Facebook links) that click on the link to Educational Excellence. I noticed that the greatest number of readers viewed the stories about Zimmerman and Trayvon, Jordan Davis and his killer, even one on “forgiveness”! I know we humans like “sensationalism” and prefer drama to peace and tranquility! Why is that?? One can get more readership on a “smut” driven website as compared to a “peace and love” driven one because that’s what “sells” today, right?! Now, I know that I have no control over where the “world” is going and most of us probably don’t even care right now. We’ve got so many other “concerns” even! Are we thinking about the Earth that we are leaving to our children? Do we care what we do to it while our children are “growing up”? Have we thought about what the Earth will be like when we are dead and gone??? Or … are we too selfish?

“Whatever!!!” is the coined phrase, if you will, that has become so popular!!! Well … please don’t “whatever” the Earth and not expect consequences, y’all! Many of us do have children … or want children!! Do we really want to leave the Earth like THIS for them??!! I think we need a newer “Earth Day” movement like the one that developed in 1970 when millions of inhabitants of the Earth rallied to clean up, recycle and join forces to “help the Earth!” What about you? Is it a fleeting thought in your mind, too???!

Have a good Hump Day and … “help the Earth”! Thanks so much for reading, folks!


John I. Cook, Director

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  1. Ken Chiarito
    Apr 23, 2014 @ 16:07:38

    Good stuff, John!

    Sent from my iPhone




  2. excelwitheducationalexcellence
    Apr 23, 2014 @ 17:08:05

    Thanks so much, KC!!! I appreciate your continued readership and support, “sir”!



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