Enjoy The Journey!!!

Enjoy the Journey

Happy Friday, All!

And as if it would take your breath away … say … “T.G.I.F.!!!!”

What a week, heh?! Trials and shootings, speeches and insults, stock market insecurities and divorce … and the beat goes on!! Which beat are you “bouncing” to?! Have you ever thought about that?? It does make a difference … incase you haven’t noticed! Now, I know I can get a little “uncanny” from time to time, and, jump way outside the box with my thoughts … and comments. I really do appreciate those of you who take a moment out of your day to read these works of art, if I dare say so myself!!

We often get caught up in doing things a certain way. Have you ever wondered where that “way” came from? I mean, who thought it up and who gave “them” the privilege of setting YOUR path in life?! Too much to handle early in the morning, right?! I’ve had multiple challenges and changes come at me through out my life, and they continue. Yet, as in my writings, I try to put my own “spin” on stuff!! Wherever I work, I try to be myself … cordial, happy, saying good morning and “hi” multiple times a day!! I have even had some people wonder why I “appear” so darn happy!! We all have our moments of sadness in life, there’s plenty of time for that. Some of us may enjoy being sarcastic . . . I can handle that, too! Usually with a happy sarcastic response. Yet, I do remember the days of “one upmanship” where one person tries to out do the other with each and every comment in a conversation …. almost like a battle or something!

As I have learned from moments and people in life that a smile can change your inner being, I try to smile more often. Have you tried it?! Can you feel it?! I have also learned that deep breathing … like in yoga … enhances your self control. Now this works for me … have you tried it?! Some of the greatest writers and philosophs, if you will, have often encouraged people to “enjoy the journey, not just the destination” in their works, be it a painting or a poem. Where are we going? Where are YOU going? Are you enjoying the travel time, smelling flowers, tasting fruits and vegetables, feeling the wind blow over your skin as you emerge from the ocean? How about sharing kind and uplifting words with each other, doing and saying things in a positive manner? Okay, I am sure by now you know where I am going with this. As I hear of friends and foes along the way who have made tremendous contributions to the longevity of mankind, and, even some, the longevity of our environment . . . I am encouraged to make my contribution of love and peace, humility and harmony, yet peace and power of thought and prosperity of attitude (could there be such a thing) are included!!

How many times have you heard, “Don’t forget to smell the flowers along the way!”? Not only in your garden, as you term it, which will still be here when “we” are dead and gone, but in each others lives!! We too are gardens, if you will, things growing and blossoming inside each of us every second of every minute of every day!!! Nurture ourselves … and each other … with things that make the journey enjoyable … peaceful … and prosperous. Have a great weekend, folks, as you can see, I am in one of those moods!

Peace and namaste,

John I. Cook, Director

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