“That’s What I’ve Been Trying To Tell You!”

Paul Tudor Jones

Yes, yes, y’all! It is Mondaaayyyy, All Day!

How do you feel about that?! I hope you are feeling good about another opportunity to “be the best that you can be!” It’s a gift … that’s why it is called “the present!” Okay, I guess I am a bit too jovial this morning … feeling renewed, refreshed, resurrected even! I spent Easter/Resurrection Day pretty much at home, though I did make a run to Whole Foods to get some spinach to go with my “Bandeja Paisa” meal of brown rice covered with a fried egg and two strips of bacon … with avocado on the side, too! (I also picked up some fruit pops there for dessert.) I used to eat this in Sylvia, Colombia, South America on the weekends when we went horseback riding there. Taking showers by pouring buckets of water over your body, no heat either and then coming to the table where a delicious home-made meal was waiting!!! Que bueno!

Have you ever experienced talking with someone who thinks “I have it all”?! I mean, there are folks who do … but you might never know it from listening to them as they are usually not braggarts. There are those who have an exalted level of existence to go along with the billions they have made … like Paul Tudor Jones!! I couldn’t help but be absorbed by the “60 Minutes” show last night with Mr. Jones’s “Robin Hood Foundation” being highlighted! What a story! Here is a very successful “hedge fund” executive who acquired billions through trading and investment. He once said his parents thought he would either be a preacher or a millionaire . . . believe it . . . or not! The story intrigued me because this guy was motivated to help inner city kids from New York by imitating a news story covered by “60 Minutes” in 1986 where a wealthy gent gave scholarships to every graduating student at a particular school in Harlem, New York! So in 1988, Tudor Jones started “The Robin Hood Foundation” to generate funds for his many philanthropic projects, be it a charter school, a job training program or food programs in New York City. Some have said that his foundation reflects the “1% of the 1%” and includes billionaires, athletes, movie stars, and others. What a “foundation” he’s built … and at first, it failed!

“You can not have significance in this life if it is all about you. You get your significance, you find your joy in life through service and sacrifice.” Now tell me if that doesn’t sound like something “Jesus” would say! Yet, it was Paul Tudor Jones who said this … not one word of bragging in this quote. This organization had generated over 57 million dollars a few years back but last year, the total of money brought in by the Robin Hood Foundation was over 120 million dollars. This appears to be a person who has it all, including the spirit of service and sacrifice … not just billions of dollars! So in case you think you have it all, do a personal inventory to see what might be missing. This is what I did on Resurrection Day … a lot of reflection on what I am doing with my life.

Today is also the 118th running of the “Boston Marathon” in Massachusetts with security at an unbelievable level. Be strong in your convictions, be humble in your convictions … and don’t let the negativity of others turn you away from your life’s goals. Have a great week!


John I. Cook, Director

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