“And The First Shall Be Last . . .”

the firstHappy Monday, All!

Yes, folks, it’s another opportunity to live this life! Now, don’t get me wrong, I know how hard it can be sometimes getting out of bed. But think back, perhaps, to how you got that “bed”, not to mention the roof underneath where it sits. Some of us may be better off financially than others … Does that make anyone a “winner” or a “loser”? Perhaps, financially, at least. Often, there are repercussions, like health care, or food … maybe even psychological care and related issues that can be better served if one is a “financial winner”. But is this life we are living “a game”? Do you think some of us are trying to win while others of us are trying to lose? Think a little longer … maybe a little deeper.

Well, this past Friday, a long time case was finally concluded in Fort Lauderdale. This time, there was no “racial profiling” issue, nor was there any overt “drug monies” involved. But it was “money”. Could it really be the root of all evil? Anthony “Little Tony” Ferrari, apparently a mob-styled boss in SoFlo, was found guilty of the gangland style murder of the former “Subway” owner Gus Boulis. This was one of those cases right out of the “story books” where “Little Tony” was even seen making threatening gestures to the State’s key witness during his testimony! Mr. Boulis, also former owner of SunCruz Casino out of Fort Lauderdale, was killed due to his interest in re-gaining control over the lucrative gambling cruise ships that allowed folks to play on the ocean. Apparently, “Little Tony” had the same interest … so, he had him killed! Another alleged conspirator, “Big Tony”, will be charged as soon as his attorney’s health is better. Boulis’s family sobbed in contentment after the verdict was reached. “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive!”

Does it matter to you who is “first” or who is “last”? Does it matter how much someone has as compared to what you may or may not have? Is that the meaning of life for you? It leaves one with a bit to think about. Are you happy being you, or do you want to be someone else each morning when you wake up? Could you simply be “a better” you, rather than NOT you at all? Whatever you do, “Be yourself, because you are you!”

Peace and namaste,

John I. Cook, Director

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