“Life Is Just A Moment . . . Yeah, Yeah . . .”

Roy AyersYes, it is Friday again! And I’m going to do it … T.G.I.F.!

I have a friend from my boarding school days at St. Paul’s School in Concord, NH when we “went” co-ed there. She is quite a lady who wanted to remind me that most of my writings deal with people who work 9-5, Monday through Friday. So, she wanted me to give a shout out to those of “us”, including myself, who work running their own businesses, which include hours longer than Monday through Friday, 9-5pm. I reminded her that I knew, and I DO, too, work ’round the clock often, seven days a week! So, you can still enjoy my typical “Hump Day” messages and T.G.I.F. messages, too! ‘nough said.

Over eighteen years ago now, a group of “us” came down from New York with my mother, after we had packed up her apartment in White Plains at an apartment complex not too far from the Winbrook Projects, and even on the same street, South Lexington Ave. It is called the Grant House. I drove the largest U-Haul truck that they had with all my mother’s belongings in it, since my father, Isaac Henry had passed away some years earlier. I had just gotten back from Cali, Colombia, South America, where I had taught English for five years. My mother had even come to visit me on Easter, also known as “Semana Santa” (Saint’s Week) in Cali. So, my niece Fawn, the daughter of my oldest sister Barbara Anne (RIP), her significant other, Jill, who passed away yesterday morning …. RIP, my mother and I had a caravan all the way from White Plains to Ft. Lauderdale, Fl, where I currently reside. Well, as I stated, Jill passed away Thursday early in the morning. Life is just a moment . . . you’d better enjoy it . . .

Next month, I will be honoring my mother, Marietta Dolores, again on her 8th year having departed from us. It is usually a difficult time for me, though last year, I didn’t weep as much. But last night, after explaining to my daughter, Ayanna Lynne, the situation regarding Jill’s bout with … and loss to … cervical cancer, I became very “mystical”, as my friends from my teaching days in Cali used to call it when someone seemed preoccupied with things NOT of this world! Some tears covered my eyes as I laid myself down to sleep, and, I remembered Jill, who was also like a family member who had often visited Fawn at my parent’s apartment. I also remembered my father who lost his bout with bone marrow cancer at the age of 80 in 1989. He died in my arms, riddled with the pain of this dreaded disease, blowing out his last tablet of morphine prescribed to ease the pain. He was looking in the corner of the bedroom in the Grant House (he wanted to die at home with his family), just as my sister Edna had arrived from a road trip from Florida with her youngest, my nephew, Kyle, having just been born.

“Life is just a moment . . . you’d better enjoy it!” -xylophonist, Roy Ayers


John I. Cook, Director

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