Who Do You Trust?

Who Do You TrustIt’s Hump Day again . . . Middle of the week even!

Are we there yet? No! Not the weekend … the last weekend in October 2013. How’re you feeling today? Here of late, not that it is the first time I noticed it, people are scrambling to find something, someone, almost anything to believe in.

Just yesterday, I noticed an article comparing the repairs from Super Storm Sandy last year in more affluent areas to those in less affluent ones. There was a discrepancy: less income areas have had “less” government monies come in to repair damages caused by the Super Storm than more affluent areas that had “much more” government monies come in to aid repairs after clean up! We here in the USA have boasted that we “uphold democracy” while it is clear that here at home, this is not the case. This has come up over and over and over and over. Nothing changes. The conversation continues. Do you trust elected officials?

It has been demonstrated throughout history that human beings have always looked to some form of religion or supernatural intervention, if you will, to alleviate some of our human woes. There are things like sickness from old age, birth defects from young age and everything in between that peak our interests in some “divine entity”, if you will. It seems that our elected officials, church leaders as well, not to mention our own family members have placed “self” before “others” … more often than not. If this is true on a larger worldwide scale, and has been happening more and more over time, what is the future of human kind?? Do we take time to think about those things? Or, do we have the intellectual conversation with words coming through our lips but nothing … NOTHING … permeating or changing our actions. “Acts speak louder than words!”

I had learned some years back, through my own life challenges, that most people have trust issues. The average person has been lied to, cheated, mistreated and intentionally misled by those they trusted the most. Those with illnesses and human frailties have been mistreated and abused beyond our individual comprehension. What is happening … what has been happening … to the fabric of human societies? Is this why so many young people (and adults alike!) are attracted to organized religions and in some cases cult-like groups similar to “Scientology” or Christian Science? Where have our basic human values gone? Or have we given up on “helping each other” and decided it is best to be “each person for him/herself”? I think it is time to resurrect some of the most delicate human values that bind us ALL together – TRUST! One person at a time . . .

Peace be with you!

John I. Cook, Director

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