Being Mystical

Well, well, well!  It’s that time of the year again!!  Happy Holy Days!  And, thank God for EVERYTHING!  TGIF, then!!  Coolness!

Many people miss out on the power of positive thinking!  For me, it gets mystical … THAT’s what I’m talking about.  I may have a basic plan for a trip or just a local activity like going to the gym.  And right in the middle of that activity, something completely unplanned, unanticipated, unexpected even comes out of nowhere and is so powerful that I am moved … quietly so!  During this time of year for me, things take on a different dimension.  You know … I think about my immediate nuclear family and wonder how they are doing, not to mention why they left this dimension.  I can’t tell you what these other dimensions look like but I can try to describe how I feel!  It’s beautiful because the things that unfold before me require little if any effort at that moment when they present themselves to me!  I have been living with such intention that I fell into like a “groove” or a mystic state … not a trance though!  I’m usually aware of every step in this “mystical miracle” as I conjured it up in my mind.  Of course, it’s usually something that I must do but not with any haste or emergency … like moving from the bungalow at Bambutel in Cocles to this 2 bedroom completely wooden and Caribbean, fully furnished “casita” on the way from Playa Negra in Puerto Viejo to Hone Creek.  What I mean is that I had planned to move by January 2023 and I had been looking since before my grandson’s visit to me here in Costa Rica in late June 2022.  So, it didn’t happen before Caleb came and I winged it in the bungalow with him and as many restaurants and outings as I could fit into the week we were together here in Costa Rica.  But when it did appear, it was JUST what I needed … and more than I expected!  (I often recall someone’s comment by Steve Jobs (RIP) as he slipped away from this dimension:  “Oh wow!  Oh wow!!”)

Over these past few days, I was invited to a few parties by a few friends that I’ve made during my time here.  One party is actually Sunday at Nanci and Barry Steven’s home!  The big outdoor party held at Taylor and Jackson’s place Wednesday was perfectly “off the charts”!  Everyone was asked to bring a “bottle” of their favorite “spirits”!!  I bought a few cans of “Hard Kambucha” (5% alcohol) and a bottle of ginger ale and one of Brazilian Guarana!  I tried a taste of my friend Ryan’s aged cinnamon rum and that was all the alcohol I had.  Now the hostess, Taylor, had whipped up some family favorites in bread dip, and incredible cookies, not to mention the wide variety of Christmas snacks (no hard foods)!  Jackson made a fire off from the food and drink area if anyone wanted to feel its warmth as the Caribbean night got cooler!  I was one such guest!  There were more until the mosquitoes came out when the fire had died down!  A great time was had by ALL!  Thank you guys and all of the guests.

As I reflect on the origins of my life, I MUST consider the family lineage going back to my Father’s Dad, Robert Cook, and his mixed Native American partner, Mattie Yhuman.  My daughter once asked me why I talk so much about my family and personal business.  I answered her that I have NOTHING to be ashamed of and, I tell my story so that others don’t get it twisted to fit the narrative that THEY may have about who I am!!  I don’t play that and will straighten any disrespectful, jealous, hating fool out in a few New York seconds, if necessary!!  Nowadays, I attempt to live with “intention” and passion for who I am and my part in the big scheme of things.  Do you have such a “part”?  It’s not a bad idea … living with GOOD intentions!  Indeed, it can become “mystical”!

Happy Holidays … Love and Peace, Y’all!


John I. Cook, Director

Thank You for reading!

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