A New Year’s Resolution

Well, well, well … this is the Last Friday of the year 2022!  So, tell me … can we do a uniform TGIF, today?!?  Hmmm???  Done Deal!  Coolness, even!

We all know people who make resolutions each year.  Yet, most resolutions are very difficult to achieve in the busy day-to-day lifestyle in the five-day work week with overtime!!  I recall signing up at my last job to work overtime … 3-4 hours on a Saturday morning!  While “OT” rules were often chill, we had to be “in the building”.  And that meant that you couldn’t take care of your body, your family, your emotions, and your spirit!  One HAD to focus on work.  Nowadays when I wake up, I don’t check the time on my watch or cellphone anymore!  I roll over, burp a few times, and maybe pass some gas (TMI) but I don’t care what time it is until MY body has rested and settled from a good night’s sleep!  No more staying up all night looking for or coming from “the party”!  I listen to the Tucans, the howling monkeys, the frogs … even the dogs who begin to bark like clockwork around 5 am!!

So, do you want to make a relevant New Year’s Resolution?  Not new hips, not new lips, please!  Oh no … don’t think about the “tits”!  So much ego, vanity, and overconcern with self and an appearance of happiness going around these days!  Everybody wants to be a sexy “rock star” … even if they are in the United States Senate!!  Just say anything and do anything that makes you “stand out” and look rebellious even!  So what if you talk ridiculous outer space sh*t … as long as you STAND OUT and are against the GOVERNMENT … of which one is ironically an integral part!  (Ex: Jeff Hawley, Matt Goetz, and Marjorie Taylor Greene!)  It’s like so ridiculous and childish to be a part of something while trying to have your “co-workers and their family members” assassinated!  Say it with me: “RIDICULOUS”!!

Let’s all resolve to be better people … the best that we can be!!  The Planet needs this from us right now!!  Everybody wants to be successful, even if it means striking down or simply ignoring a fellow human being because of their religion, skin color, or station in life even!  Everybody wants to be “the judge and the jury” while NEVER having walked 10 footsteps in this “other” person’s shoes!!  Apple CEO, Tim Cook, offers some reflections for the New Year.  Contrary to conventional wisdom, Mr. Cook says “Do what you love!”  Conventional (capitalist) wisdom says, “Make enough money to afford things, pay bills, put kids through college then have a comfortable retirement!!”  Way easier said than done, not to mention the harmful repercussions of our unconscious attempts to compete against each other RATHER than cooperate with each other!!  We destroy each other’s self-esteem to make more money and get more “power” in an effort to accomplish the “conventional goals”.  Many of us could care less about how much we are allowing OUR Planet to be depleted of its natural magnificence!!  “Ohhh!” one might say.  “What would we put in money’s place?”  We have to change our attitudes toward “money” and not allow those with more of it to just be nonchalant with our Planet!!  “People all over the world … join hands … get on the LOVE Train … the LOVE TRAIN!”  Maybe the humans who demonstrate love and intelligence should inherit positions of leadership in human civilizations!  Maybe the people who volunteer their free time and skills should be placed in positions of power.  Some of the ones in government now have lost touch with their job descriptions, not to mention lost touch with reality!!  They freakin’ changed the job description once they got elected into office!!  Shameless suckers to greed, corruption, and the ultimate destruction of human civilization!  In the name of manmade concepts … money, power, and wealth.  Now, don’t get it twisted … I live off of a hard-earned pension … nobody GAVE me anything … except opportunities to be the best that I can be!  Those of you who really know me are aware of how much “facilitating learning” aka teaching has meant and STILL means to me.  Ask any student that I had … like me or not … I work with a passion at my trade!

So, you still want to make a “new year’s resolution”?!?  Make it a good one!  It may be our last chance …

Happy New Year 2023!!


John I. Cook, Director

Thank you for reading!

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