Is There A “Short Cut” or Big Pill?!?

Happy Friday, Y’all!  I’m going to give it a TGIF anyway!

Is “death” something that “humans” can bargain with?  Now, while I do know some people who seem “to have made a deal with the devil”, this one’s a no-brainer!  I won’t waste time nor energy “placing blame” but instead, embrace the beauty coming out in “humanity” at this time!  There is a lot of sadness around the world be it in Spain, Italy or … Capetown, South Africa …  Yet, there is a lot of beauty coming from small business owners and people agreeing to make and donate “personal protective equipment” as the States is now reported as leading the world in cases.  Even some “real beautiful people”, “AmeriCANS”, like Bill Gates and his wife have a foundation independently funded that is seeking various science-based treatments and cures for Covid 19!  How cool is that?!?

Living here in Puerto Viejo is good for me, especially in “Casita Azul”!  Last night, I walked to a local market nearby but on the back road.  There was No One on the street at like 7 pm.  The beach area there, the booths where the local artists sell their art, even the Beach near Puerto Pirata, my favorite hang out, was cordoned off with the ominous yellow tape with “PRECAUCION” pasted on it multiple times.  The day before, I stayed home all day!  It’s seldom crowded, even at the food stores and pharmacies.  All restaurants and bars are closed to the public.  I am feeling fairly safe as I continue to stay to myself and “good people” here wish me well as I am 65 …  Counting my blessings.  If prayer is “talking to God” and meditation is “listening to God”, why is it so hard to do the latter?!  (I know He is not telling people to do some of the stuff they’re doing!)

Imagine this …  you are are a “health care worker” that has to wear a garbage bag over your body and a re-used face mask to cover your face … or a filthy bandana!  Or, you go to an Emergency Department and there are people waiting in line in the parking lot … the “room” itself is full of New York City residents who are sick and waiting in line less than 6 inches apart!  Or, you work in a “COVID 19 Ward” in a medical facility with 10 ventilators and have to choose which patients on “that long line” is going to be allowed to use the remaining few ventilators?!?  Can “we” pray for these people, at least?  Thank youse!  Maybe some of us can “listen” to the Lord’s message:  “We are One!”

I am sending as much light and love that this humble vessel can muster to ALL in need of a healing “thought”, love or understanding.  Yes, we ALL must expire but let us do even that based on the wishes of “our Creator”, call it what you like!  “Just Do It!”

Stay well, be hopeful … and listen to the scientists!


John I. Cook, Director

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