“I’ve Been Trying to Tell Y’All …”

Happy Friday, Folks!

Don’t let “Dirty Donald’s” tricks get you unraveled!  Let’s Do This!  “T.G.I.F.”!

I’m sure many of you may remember when “the dirtbag” was announced as winning the presidential election of 2016 … even “IT” didn’t believe it.  It was just a crapshoot for him … he’d tried everything else.  “Why not run for president?!  I can do what that Muslim “black man” who was born in Africa did!”, he probably told himself as he addressed the network of Russian spies in his head.  “I can pull it off!  There are enough racists and homophobes in this country whom I can fool and make them think that I am actually helping the country when I am really helping MYSELF and my family!  There are enough fools in the country!”

He was right!  Now, as “it” addressed his “basket cases” at a rally last night who waited for him to ignite their hatred for whomever (especially themselves!), he blurted out in his soliloquy to Mr. Biden’s son, “Your father was never that smart anyway!  All he did was kiss Barack Obama’s ASS!” … and the deplorables cheered on as if they were at a rock concert or a Ku Klux Klan rally!  Trust me … he’s going down!  He’s got enough crap hanging from his arse that leaves a “telltale” sign and smell wherever it goes!  There have been little or no changes in domestic policy except to try to keep the “brown people” out at the Mexican border.  I can’t believe that such tiny differences in humans like skin color actually “turn on” some bacteria like “the scrumps”, including his extended family, to rise up and want to destroy the “healthy souls” and energies!!

Drain the swamp … and some folks believed that, too, while he filled up the government with his cronies and fools so they could try to bully the whole world!  The swamp is more full of sh-t NOW than ever!  These idiots at his sides and bottom are probably the most easily duped of all Americans because they still support this lunatic out of fear and the fact that they might lose their positions in government.  THIS is what the majority of the USA wants NOW: “IMPEACH AND REMOVE FROM OFFICE”.  Percentages are now over 51%!  Now, I know some of you reading may have voted for “scrump”.  Yet, I hope you realize the level of ignorance of this disease and how “it” has no business running a country full of diverse elements.

After reviewing the numerous incidents of buffoonery by “scrump”, I am sure that there is enough evidence for him to be impeached.  He may not be removed from office, but anyone voting for him now needs psychological help!  I hope folks understand the process required to get a flagrant fool like “scrump” out of office.  It is called “impeachment” or bringing charges and evidence of wrongdoing by a sitting president.  The so-called “Sinators” (no spelling error) will have to get some testosterone treatments and a temporary spine to stand up to the “bullying coward” in order to amass enough votes to get him “removed from office” … a two-thirds majority, I believe.  One way or another this bumbling idiot will NOT serve another term as POTUS, where he will fall short of Mr. Obama again.  I hope “it” follows Jeffrey Epstein’s lead and gets a cell near him in HELL  They have arrested two of Giuliani’s Russian connections who tried to get the Ukrainians to create dirt on Mr. Biden and his son.  All that the Southern District of New York has to do now is pull on those strings to see the connection to “scrump”!

Enjoy your weekends!


John I. Cook, Director

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