Happy Birthday, Caleb Isaac

Happy Friday … Y’ALL!

I’ve got a few things to say, as you all know … but I’m gonna start with a warm T.G.I.F. this mornin’, yeahhhh Baby!  I know, I get carried away sometimes but so be it!  TGIF!

First of all, I want to thank Mr. Elijah Cummings whose political career, if you will, started back with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his endless efforts for equal civil rights for African Americans in the United States of America.  He passed away yesterday at the age of 68 … yeah … after some challenging health issues.  “We all must go …”  R.I.P., Sir and sincere thanks for making it easier for me to endure the “American Experience”.  Your work and love are indelible.

Today, I want to skip the theme of political turmoil in the States and re-emphasize how much things mean to me because I have a grandson who will be four years old tomorrow, October 19th.  He is the son of my only child, Ayanna Lynne Belton, and like many other “grandparents”, I would like to see him inherit a fairly healthy Earth.  Now, talk about a tall order?!?  It truly is going to take ALL of us interested in saving the planet Earth for our children’s children … before it is too late.

Quick story, true story, too …  Last week, I was up at like 3am and couldn’t get back to sleep.  I visited the throne in the bathroom and while I sat, I noticed something fly by the door with some accurate flight patterns until … it entered the bathroom with me!!!  Of course, I started “dub stepping” trying to get up and out of there to see who my visitor was.  After getting to my feet …. etcetera … I entered my bedroom to see a bat doing ‘loop-d-loops’ in my bedroom’s high ceiling airspace.  So, I went to the deck and opened the curtains wide as well as the two window doors leading to the deck from my bedroom/lounge to let “it” out.  It didn’t want to go the direction I was suggesting.  It continued its loops for about two minutes as I tried to usher it out of the room with my floor cushion.  It wasn’t interested in me.  Finally, it stopped at a location just above the deck doors but out of reach and close to the vaulted ceiling.  I watched it for a few seconds as it found a tiny slit in the screened-in area between the ceiling and the wall.  After a minute or so, I took my cane and touched at the area where I had last seen my “late night guest”!  Nothing happened … it had escaped!  Thank Creation!!  I was tired after a “dance with a bat”!!  I finally got some sleep with one eye open for the first thirty minutes!!!

So, in closing, I want to wish my grandson, Caleb Isaac Belton, a Happy Fourth Birthday!  I love you!

Enjoy your weekends, we’ve got an annual “gastronomic festival” out here in Puerto Viejo and they have been setting up all week down by the basketball courts.  I’m loving my life here in Puerto Viejo, Talamanca, Costa Rica.


John I. Cook, Director

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