Yogis Are Not Wimps … They Are Needed to Regain Human Balance!



It’s Friday … and a T.G.I.F. to you!

One never knows about things until you really research it.  Like for example yoga …or spirituality! These are two things that I just stumbled upon … knowing and feeling that I needed something a bit more than the Bible to feel complete and alive … you know I am a part of creation NOT destruction!  The spiritual “piece” I learned through the Bible and churches all over the world, who in my opinion, are searching for the same thing but using different routes to get to the same place.  For me, yoga provides the opportunity to combine the two realms, the physical and the spiritual, that I am convinced are at the core of our Creation!  Deep?!?  Good!  Nonsense?  Possibly!  I am just speaking for myself, you already know how I am … sharing my perspective!  Feel free to disagree.
I am convinced that the world does NOT need more slick talkers in the form of national leaders … I think of Putin of Russia or Jung Un of North Korea … who are ridiculously seeking power and money .. maybe even fame … at the expense of other people’s lives?  Yet, we are doing the same  thing here in the USA.  Now, I am not one to speak much on politics because I think it is all smoke and mirrors with the big “shakers and movers”  who have the money and power to get what THEY want from police and law makers … the Senate and courts and the “controllers” of the most pinnacle social institutions.  Example: The Supreme Court was “stalemated” with the emergency legislation that the POTUS had proposed to alleviate the “dysfunctionality” of current laws regarding immigrants generally already here.  Maybe 2 to 5 million Americans – immigrants that make beds as Obama said and clean our homes and run our service industries with hard low paid labor – are in limbo as a result of a missing Supreme Court Judge, whom Obama had nominated but the Repubs refused to confirm him.  Now, Marco Rubio (Republican), son of immigrants of Cuba who came to Florida – the state where he is running for the Senate again – supports the refusal of the Senate to approve Obama’s appointment of Supreme Court Justice … the 9th … whose vote would  break the deadlock … either way!  So perhaps like 2 million plus families will be affected, already here in the USA and not terrorist so the Republican controlled Congress can prove “that the President doesn’t write laws … Congress does!”  Thus, they can ignore the 2-5 million families needs and exercise their “power”!  These people need love, spirituality and “yogis” in their lives so they can learn to stop being so darn selfish and greedy … and destructive … of families!!
In closing, I wanted to mention the campaign slogan for a Republican of Tennessee named Rick Tyler.  He is of the “Trump philosophy” embracing the slogan “Make America White Again”!  Tyler said that he doesn’t have hatred for people of color but he wants to see “no break ins, no violent crime and no mass immigration” as in the television programs of old called “Leave It To Beaver” and “Ozzie and Harriet”, two programs with the white family at the core of it.  If I remember correctly, there were NO people of color in either sitcom!!  Do yo think some of these people could use “yoga” as a means of regaining their humanity … especially since they are representing other “humans”?!?  I don’t know but I think it would be worth a try!
Have a great weekend!
John I. Cook, Director

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