The International Day of Yoga – 2016

yoga to the sky


Happy Tuesday, All!

Today is a very special day in many respects, as it is The International Day of Yoga – 2016.  If I am not mistaken, it was last year that the Prime Minister of India, Narenda Modi, proposed in an address to the United Nations that the 21st of June be designated as “The International Day of Yoga”!  It was accepted and the first International Day of Yoga was last year in 2015.  It seems that the “whole world is watching” the development of this day as something that may heal hurting souls and wayward minds as well as unstable behavior.
It has been noted that yoga, which seeks to unite the mind with the body through the breath, has healing properties, and, when slowing down ones breathing, it provides a certain amount of psychological stability, also slowing the thoughts that may be irrational indeed!  This is not “folklore” either.  Yoga has been linked to improved mental health, providing practitioners with a sense of well being and peace, and also, via chakras in specific locations in the body, aid improved body functions as well.  Each chakra is responsible for health and balance in certain parts of the body and provides strength, energy or creativity … even confidence and joy into ones life!  For example, the “camel pose” is designed to open your heart chakra to stimulate your love and openess, unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness.  If ones heart chakra is blocked, one may become possessive and codependent and form dysfunctional relationships.  There are many other poses that increase the health of the other 6 chakras … from the head or crown chakra to the root chakra, which is at the pelvic area and the human “core”.
This ancient practice considered to have its roots in India, has been embraced by people all over the world!  It is not that difficult, and, each of us “yogis” are only responsible for doing the best that we can with each asana … there is no competition, in other words.  For me, this is the beauty of yoga, and, there are various “styles” of yoga including “hot yoga”, which is a 90 minute session with the temperatures high enough to cause one to sweat substantially more that in vinyasa yoga.  Since I have been practicing yoga, which I started over 10 years ago on a rooftop gym overlooking Fort Lauderdale Beach called “The Zoo”, and had the pleasure of participating in a few “couples yoga” classes with my mate at that time, I have experienced exceptional peace and calm in the face of hostilities and turmoil!  Doing yoga on a rooftop where you can close your eyes, hear the ocean and, when you open your eyes … see the clouds over the Atlantic Ocean!!!
So, whether you like it or not … whether you practise it or not …. there are millions of people world-wide finding the benefits of this ancient practise which originated in India.  Take some time to send and receive energy today … the 2nd International Day of Yoga!

John I. Cook, Director

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