Chris Rock to “Represent”!

Serious Chris


It’s Tuesday … and a tumultuous one at that!!  (Some of you got this beginning of the e-mail yesterday … as I was preparing it!  Instead of selecting the “Save draft” command, I hit “Send”!  So, there you have it!)

I hope your weekends went well, especially those of “us” who had to endure all of the white stuff aka “snow”!!  I remember when … though it was some time ago … I remember snow storms in New York’s Westchester County, White Plains to be exact … We used to play in the snow, make tunnels, sleigh ride … right there in the Winbrook Projects!  Of course, that was before I worked at the High School there for 10 years and we had a different take on “the snow”.  We always hoped for a snow day, which was rather common during the winters!  There was something kind of cool getting a “snow day” back then, either as a student or as a teacher … we enjoyed the day off, whether indoors or doing something outdoors … shoveling snow as a kid or bar hopping with other teachers or just going to one of our fellow teacher’s home just to hang out!!
So, as the plot thickens with Chris Rock vowing to still do the hosting job for the “Oscar Awards” and … has decided to toss out some of the material, of course he’s going to keep his usual good “Oscar” stuff.  Yet, he is promising to address “The Oscars” as “The White BET’s”, to further point towards the FACT that with NO African Americans being nominated, it appears to be a format that only whites have a chance at winning … from last year, to this year … the second year in a row that there were NO African American  actors NOR actresses nominated.  This is a “golden opportunity” to bring home the point using a huge platform as this World-Wide Award show with a somewhat happy and comedic backdrop where serious points can be made using humor.  Rock is that person who can do that, remain moderately “politically correct” and funny, too!  He can also push that “politically correct” line to the limit … and then some!!!  I’ve “seen” him do it!!  So, he’s got free reign, and as long as the changes are seriously contemplated in regards to the composition of the judges from 70-ish white males to include a more diverse group and limiting the number of years one can vote, we’re good!!  Great idea!
So, I trust Chris Rock to do “The Right Thing!” even if only he and Whoopie Goldberg are the ONLY people of color there!!  Everybody won’t
“hate on” Chris … He’s gonna represent!  LIVE … LOVE … LAUGH!!

John I. Cook, Director

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