Thanks for Putting Up With Me!

put up and put out


T.G.I.F., Y’all!

I’m just starting out with it this morning, no hesitation nor preparation.  Feeling like that … a very grateful … work in progress!  Over the years, once my life came to like a “cruise control” level, though some of life’s “speed bumps” coerced me to slow down and steady my handle, I’ve come to some simple conclusions.  Many of us, me included, kind of drive our lives towards a certain goal, a certain destiny, a certain level of comfort in this world.  That varies a bit for each of us, especially as we advance along our individual journeys.  I am one who has learned to not try to control others as much as I try to learn to control myself as well as my actions in response to circumstances that I encounter in my life.
Some of you have been with me along this journey, people like Jose St. Elmo Wiltshire and Larry Woody, Kevin Gover and Lee Blair … Darryl Jenkins and of course, my sister, Edna Cook.  Y’all have each seen me literally “all over the place” while trying to maintain a decent course on my life’s journey.  So many of you  have helped me along the way … Don Rafael as I like to call him, whom I worked with at ACORN;  Bobby Schulman … wow!; my adopted “Big Bruh” Robbie Williams; Mrs. Maureen Shimmon Leon and her husband … David Nehdar and Stokely Gittens both with families and still offered to help ME … Thanks for putting up with me, y’all.  There are more … Kevin Hall, Gary Hodder aka “Counselor” … Steve McCrae … thanks … man, if I miss somebody, don’t get mad; Roz Reich and the Brahma Kumaris “family”, even.  Shoot me an e-mail if you want to remind me.  Burke Wortman, lent me his truck when my car broke down for like a month or two!!!
I still write this blog/e-mail for many of you …. perhaps it’s free entertainment … thought provoking entertainment maybe … But I haven’t given up on Educational Excellence, never will.  In fact, next month for Black History Month, Mrs. Nicole Mercado Valencia has given me an opportunity to do a presentation with her group of the Broward Sheriff’s Office sponsored Community Justice Program participants!  Still giving back when I can …  For me, every day is like “a day of service” … that’s just the way I roll!
Enjoy your Friday, enjoy your weekend … enjoy your lives!


John I. Cook, Director

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