It’s The Little Things That Count!

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Happy Hump Day, Y’all!
How are things progressing for you this week so far?!  I hope it is all good … you understand?!?  Feeling chipper today, just counting my blessings as well.  Gratitude is an important part of my attitude. THAT … keeps me humble!!  Why humble, one might ask?  Because “one” who is not teachable in a variety of situations … or at least able to “learn the lesson” … is doomed to repeat the same mistakes, and possibly remain in an “unhealthy” frame of mind or spirit!
I have those  moments like many of us when I wish I could just talk to my mother.  These are the moments when I am calling upon all her teachings and “nurturings”, tips and clues of how I might best handle a certain situation that I encounter in my life.  I filter that information with what I have personally experienced in my own past and seek to merge the two, if that makes any sense.  I don’t want to make another mistake unless I have to … and I don’t want to make another mistake that is costly and not fun … or “serving my true needs”.  I  have found that the small adjustments I make on a day to day basis help me to “sail smoothly”.  Just the other day, I was in the parking lot at Publix and a guy climbed out of his red pick up truck with “ROLL TIDE” flags positioned on it and he wore an Alabama t-shirt, also red.  I was standing in front of my vehicle just observing some of the damage and this guy comes walking towards me within inches and says, “Excuse me!”  I turned around and looked at him, and replied as I turned sideways so this character could walk by me, “You could’ve gone that way next to your truck, you could’ve gone straight down the walkway in the middle of the parking lot … but you chose to come up behind me!”  This guy replies, “Well, I said excuse me!  I could’ve just shoved you out of the way!”  I looked at him and smiled, stating: “You wouldn’t want to do that … you’re just talking!”  He kept walking without a response nor turning around.
In general, people try to make more out of some simple things than they need to … and not enough out of the things that are usually bigger and more important.  So, what I try to do, is weave or connect a bunch of little things to make the “bigger things” that I need in my life.  I say thank you when someone holds the door for me, and I occasionally let people cut in front of me in crowded traffic and am much moreso on the lookout for close encounters with other cars, leaving more room for the unexpected.  I do the same with people … like at work … I avoid the “drama” peeps and focus mainly on getting my work done.  Again, it’s a little thing to be polite and peaceful, much less applause but a lot more comfort … for me!  I don’t like the noise and drama of some things in life.
My daughter, Ayanna, just had her first child and I am a first time grandfather.  She is my only child so the only kid(s) I would ever have as grandchildren, I suspect … , will have to come from her!  The first one, and fine with me if it is the only one (that’s how it is for me …), arrived October 19th, 2015.  As one co-worker wrote on a hand-written note for me, “Welcome Caleb Isaac!”  Do you guys remember that we ALL started as a little thing … a baby?!?  When Ayanna was born in White Plains, NY over 30 years ago, I called her “Squeezy”!  That’s because she had the best little hugs a father could ask for!  Now, she has her own “little Squeezy”, whom she calls fondly “Cash” … short for “cashew” describing the shape of Caleb Isaac in his sonogram!  Congratulations, Ayanna Lynne … And welcome, Caleb Isaac!  I am glad that her mother was there with her and many many friends of hers from Connecticut are showering she and Caleb with love … and many many gifts!

John I. Cook, Director

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