Don’t Let Nothing Steal Your Joy!

Count it ALL joy


It’s Monday, Folks!

What’s love got to do with it?!?  Everything!!!  And from left field, I come at you folks with a Monday morning wake-up (or delete) read … the choice is yours!!  Either way is fine with me.  So … Top o’ the morning to you lads and lassies!
I don’t know if many of you know why I write other than the fact that I love it … just writing and sharing things.  But, I just wanted to say that I don’t … in case you ever thought I did … know everything!  So you can take me out of that class of “crazies” that do think that they know everything.  Know that I want to share thoughts and ideas … not so you can say that I am right (or wrong), but so you can see how one might want to work on oneself (or someone they know!) to make some self improvements and enjoy life in some of the ways that I do.  Just in case … I mean, you might meet someone like me one day … or maybe you already know someone like me … or heavens forbid … you … yes I said YOU might be like me yourself!!
I wanted to share something ELSE with you that you might find interesting … if only my take on it.  So, Friday morning, after I had just gotten my Jeep Compass out of the Joey Acardi dealership repair shop Thursday evening, I was on my way to work a bit early on I-95, and I had an accident.  And, it was my fault … so to speak!!  Okay, so I was in the second lane at Griffin Road which is always under construction and traffic was stop and go so  much that it felt unsafe.  So, I cruised, speeding up a bit to merge into the third lane.  It appeared that the car in front of me was moving slowly because I don’t recall seeing any brake lights.  After 2 seconds, I realized that the car was NOT moving!!  I was going about 50mph and slammed on my brakes … But, it was NOT enough to avoid contact with the rear bumper of the car in front of me!!  Are you “spiritual” enough to count even THIS “all joy”, as the scripture states?!?  I know that I wasn’t!  I was so upset with MYSELF … disappointed in ME … until I started to feel “hopeless” …  Not a good thing!!  I struggled through Friday at work once I got there, some friends took me out to dinner after work and I continued to work through my feelings.  Enter Sunday morning televangelist Joel Osteen …
Sunday’s sermon focused on “keeping a song in your heart” … that same song your spirit can sing when things seem to be going ever so wrong in one’s life.  Joel used his usual funny stories about a bird that sang in a big house until one day, the home owner accidentally “sucked it up” in her vacuum while cleaning her huge curtains!!  Once she got the bird out of the vacuum cleaner bag, it stopped singing … for good!  Is that you?  Do you let things that happen in your life stop YOU from singing … being happy … overcoming obstacles?!?  It can easily happen, so … keep that song in your heart … because “bad” things happen to good people, too!  Keep your spiritual strength up … I know when I woke up this morning, I thought about all I need to do NOW, and very grateful that my car is still riding very nicely … I have some dents on the hood and some front grill damage on the Compass, but it is running like a good car should!  Can I count it all joy?!?  I will tell you this though … I refuse to let anything steal my joy, y’all!
Don’t loose your joy, don’t stop singing your song … as difficult as it may seem … keep your dreams alive!
John I. Cook, Director

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