Give Peace A Chance!

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Happy Hump Day, Y’all!
Yes, it’s here again … mid-week and things are churning … everywhere!  Sometimes, I want to stop the world and get off!!  I will tonight … during yoga!!
So, I’ve got this story that I’ve been dying to share!  I told maybe one or two people about this because of the nature of the story line.  So, here it goes ….
About two weeks ago, I was on my way home from work in Margate, FL which is West of Ft. Lauderdale.  I take Atlantic Blvd. to my old neighborhood off of Cypress Creek Rd. en route to the gym … or my post office box … sometimes I cruise to the beach before going to the gym.  So, traffic is always tight on Atlantic at 6PM, middle of rush hour traffic pretty much, four lanes of traffic.  People dart in and out of the traffic trying to get one car length ahead of the next person before the next traffic light.  I recall doing it myself a few times as I tried not to be late to a tutoring session or any appointment I may have had after working.  It gets crazy … I am telling you!!
So, I was driving my vehicle in the middle lane of what narrowed to 3-lane traffic … the car in front of me was going slow and the one to the left of me kept driving just fast enough to keep me from going in front of him.  He was with his lady friend who was in the passenger seat closest to my window.  He finally slowed up enough for me to go in front of him only because he was talking to the woman in the car with him.  As I moved in front of his car, I put my blinker on. I looked in the rear view mirror and could see that he was mouthing something.  He threw his middle finger up as he said something probably corresponding to the gesture.  Once I got past the car that was going somewhat slower in front of me, I got back into the middle lane.  The guy in the car pulled up beside me and started gesturing through his closed window.  I usually keep my window open as I enjoy the fresh air at that time of day unless it is really hot … then I put on the air conditioning.  I looked at him as he lowered the window on the side where his lady-friend was sitting and said something like ” What?” or “Yeah, what?”  So, I replied, “Why do you have to give me the finger, Man?”
He said: “You need to learn how to drive!!”  I answered, “What?  Now I have to drive by YOUR rules of the road … or you’re gonna give me the finger?!?”  He replied, “How do you know I’m not packin’, Man?”  I looked at him and responded, “How do you know I’m not packin’, Son?”  The traffic began to move and our cars crept along nearly side by side … he seemed to slow down a bit, still in the left lane.  Soon, as his lane got more open, the guy drove up right next to me, looked out of the window where his lady friend sat, and said through the window he had let down: “Hey, I’m sorry Man!  I apologize!”  I looked at him … smiled a bit … and replied: “I’m sorry, too, Man.  Glad things didn’t get out of hand.”  He smiled, his lady friend was quietly looking straight ahead.  I smiled back at him, and said: “My closest friends call me Peaceboy … you’d be surprised!”  We both drove off into our own lives down Atlantic into the sunset ….

I share this story with only this punch line: “Give peace a chance!”

John I. Cook, Director

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