Is It Safe?!!

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It’s Friday …
How many of us can muster up the energy to “T.G.I.F.”?!?  From what I saw on the television news and internet, the students at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, OR were asked by the gunman, Chris Harper Mercer, what religion they worshiped.  It was reported that when a student answered “Christian”, the gunman stated, “Good!  You’re gonna see God in a few seconds!”  Then … he fired on them!
This sad event where 10 college students lost their lives in … yes … seconds … speaks volumes to how some folks respond to the isolation that occurs amongst individuals in this society.  Those around the horrifying event were so surprised that they couldn’t fathom that the crackling and popping sounds were coming from gunfire!  It was like they couldn’t believe this was happening in that quiet college community and the more scenic logging community of Roseburg, Oregon … Peace be still!
The POTUS’s response could be felt through the airwaves of the television news reports that he made after the fatal event occurred.  Many of us don’t feel probably what this 20 year old felt.  How do you “feel” so hopeless about your own life that one feels this is their only opportunity to “claim their fame”!??  Does one HAVE to claim their fame in order to feel whole?!?  This is a “state of mind” that many “mass shooters” had in common from the East coast shootings in Sandy Hook to this one … all the way on the other side of the country, and, just North of the horrific event that took place in the movie theatre just a short time ago.
“I’ll never be in the news.  I’m so insignificant!”, the gunman is reported to have expressed on social network pages and videos he had posted on Youtube!!!  It was even discovered that he had multiple posts like this and people commented in a somewhat callous way, calling him “a loser”, a phony and a “wannabee”.  His response to these claims was deadly ….
The POTUS stated sadly that, “This has become routine … these events … the sadness … and even my response has become routine!”  He feels we need to do more.  What about you?


John I. Cook, Director

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