“Live And Let Live!”

Hearts Live Let LiveIt’s Monday ….

Yes, once again we’ve another day of life to enjoy! Please, don’t take it for granted, folks. Over the years I’ve spent on this planet, considering the places I have been fortunate enough to see and the safe experiences I’ve had, I find myself suggesting to folks to “live and let live!” That way, one does NOT set oneself up for disappointment … we get enough of that already. Does it seem like we live in the same world with “the others” whose outlook on life may vary considerably from ours?! Doesn’t it make you wonder why one person likes “criticizing” and “speaking harshly” while others prefer to encourage and support our fellow humans along this journey?! Have you ever noticed how a person may speak to one person so warmly but within the next second, that same person may turn to you with some hostility in their voice? What do you think is the reason for this? Hey, don’t spend too much of your life trying to figure out someone else’s choices, you’ve got your own to make – live and let live!

“Life itself is the true binge!”, I’ve seen written in various ways. Yet there are others whose preoccupation with someone else’s life becomes their binge. Still others prefer food, or power, even sex, not just drugs or alcohol. The interesting thing about these “alternate” binges, since we’ve been given the gift of life, is that they usually have some negative “side effects”, if you will! Excessive weight, dependence on others, the desire to control others even … are amongst those “side effects”. Others may see you trying to live your dream, and, rather than encourage you with it, they seek to interrupt it and cast doubt on it. Ha! One of the most interesting examples of a person who had nearly everything negative thrown at him while he continued to give, and be peaceful, and encourage folks to work together to improve “humanity”, not just their own goals (sometimes obsessions) with life … is Nelson Mandela! Alongside some of my other heroes, if you will, I find MLK, Jr., Gandhi and Mother Teresa. They didn’t wear designer clothes, not that there is anything wrong with that as long as one does not become obsessed with them, didn’t have a television show nor multiple houses in different countries! Yet, their lessons in life were more paramount than the most popular rapper or talk show host and business mogul ever known. What I like about people like Oprah and Ellen are simple – they still, with their platform of fame and wealth, do countless things to encourage and help others achieve a life of meaning.

We know there is enough of everything on this planet to keep ALL of us relatively comfy along this journey. Yet, few people step up to offer a change in the “system”, which is obviously quite capitalistic, as it may either limit their own acquisitions or perhaps, “they” just like to see others suffer and struggle through this journey called life. Then, perhaps, “they” begin their judgment – “Well if I did it, why can’t they do it?!” And that’s where their dedication to humanity ends, and, their obsession with their acquisitions continues. No one of us can solve anyone’s problems alone. It’s a group effort, should we decide to undertake it! Let’s get into the “holy day” spirit, y’all – “live and let live!” Thanks to those of you who have given me support, encouragement and assistance. We’ll get back to fund raising after the holidays for EE. To my friends up North and out West, stay warm – we’ve even got a cool breeze here this morning in SoFlo! Peace be with you.


John I. CookEmoji, Director

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