To Follow, To Lead, To Unite!

ComeTogether Peace

Happy Friday, All!

So, I’m going out on a limb but, T.G.I.F.!! Glad that this week has come to an end as I look forward to a pretty special weekend! A friend is flying in from Canada and the festivities are cranking up all around town. I think most cities across the country may be getting in the “Christmas Spirit”! How about you?! Do you think there is a consensus on what exactly is the “Christmas Spirit?” I doubt it, simply because some like to lead, others like to follow while there are those of us who like to join together!

Did you notice how quickly the event in Soweto, South Africa at the Soccer Stadium came under fire from so many different directions? There were some inconsistencies, like the sign language “guy” who probably just wanted his “15 minutes” of fame! But in this case, it was more like four hours!!! The POTUS kind of took it all in stride but that was definitely a huge potential security threat. Folks seemed to enjoy the event while others took more “pot shots” at President Obama and the First Lady looking to divide them like those darn articles in the Enquirer “newspaper”!! That is human nature … well … once we’ve become ‘socialized’, we adopt that nature! Gives a competitive edge to some! Again, they both took it all in stride! Proud of our President and First Lady representing us at the Mandela sending off celebration!



Today is Friday the 13th … any triskaidekaphobiacs in the house?! I mean “13” PLUS Friday, with a full moon looming?! No Fear, right?! It’s the weekend and we’ve got another opportunity to make a difference. There are options. Do you remember when someone, perhaps your parent(s), would say, “Which one do you want?” And you would choose? Well, we’ve got a few good options, choose them all! To follow, to lead and finally to come together. I think “Madiba” would like that! Have a great weekend!




John I. CookEmoji, Director


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