Is That Karma Again?!

KarmaHappy Hump Day, All!

What’s going on, y’all? I don’t know about you but I’ve got a “truckload” of things to deal with … both physically and spiritually! ‘nough said?! I think so. How do you choose to handle the “not so good” things that happen to you? What is the best way to handle the “not so good” things that happen to others? Do you have “good karma”?

Last night, I fell asleep watching the “silvery moon” as it subsides from the “Super Moon” status it was given Sunday night. I had watched “Catfish: Season II Premier”, which stars an elementary schoolmate’s son, Nev. I always watch a bit of the news. Yet, after texting with my daughter, Ayanna, a bit and sharing some of my strength, hope and wisdom (which I also needed!), I simply laid across the bed contemplating the rigors of “my life”. Karma is something I have learned about over the years though we have all heard the “folklore” before: “What goes around … comes around!” Some of us don’t believe it while others of us think that we are beyond that!! One quote I liked was the following: “How you treat me is your Karma. How I [respond] to how you treat me is my karma.” I changed the word from “react” to “respond”, as I have learned from a very powerful 12-Step Lesson: Do not simply react to life’s circumstances, one should respond!” A response requires contemplation, forethought, perhaps even planning – not just pure “trigger-like” reaction which comes often without thought.

I embrace the life of Nelson Mandela. I applaud the Miami HEAT. I pray for “Justice for Trayvon”. And, that I can keep these bills I have in order! lol!! After many days of near liquid humidity, this morning found us with some thunder showers here in SoFlo. While we cannot always choose our circumstances in life – be it poverty, illiteracy, wealth or power – we each can choose how we deal with our circumstances. How you choose to handle your circumstances is indeed a big part of each of our lives. I think about the good things in life, the good people I’ve met and the good opportunities that have come my way. Needless to say, this type of thought often attracts good things … or at least … good karma … yes … and peace, which has no price tag!

Be well … namaste,

John I. Cook, Director

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