I’ll Take My Chances!


Happy Monday, All!

Here’s to hoping your weekends went well as well. I enjoyed mine for the most part … no problems that matter anyways! The most important thing for me nowadays is to know how I will respond in as many situations that I encounter. It is interesting how everyone has become an expert on everybody else! Are they done with their own personal growth and development? Do they have so much time on their hands and perfection in their own lives that one can judge everybody else … from Trayvon Martin to LeBron James up to and including Nelson Mandela?! I think not!!

One of the major premises of Educational Excellence is “Know Thyself”. Most people take the short cut on that one because they would find so much work to do that they would probably “give up” on knowing themselves. Besides, talking about someone else is much easier than developing areas needing improvement in ones own life. Educational Excellence focuses more on “spiritual education” than formulas, equations, symbols in chemistry or multiple languages. Of course, I am not dismissing any of the aforementioned. These are all important in terms of aiding in making improvements in our own society as a whole.

Mandela has been reported to be in critical condition with an ailment in his lungs. He is 94 years of age … he has done it all … maybe he can rest when he and his Creator are ready. Interestingly enough, even LeBron James said that what he needs now is to take the time needed to rest his body. He is a young man who has achieved some pretty awesome goals regardless of what so many in the “peanut gallery” have to say about him. Well, today also begins the trial of Zimmerman who has been accused of murdering the unarmed Trayvon Martin with his (Zimmerman) 9mm pistol which he carried as he conducted his duties as “neighborhood watch person” … self appointed I might add. I just wondered, though the judge has said that the voice specialists who listened to a “911” recording of a neighbor who witnessed the struggle from across the yard and heard someone screaming for help cannot be witnesses in the trial, why would anyone who is armed with a 9mm pistol be yelling for help anyway?!

I’ll take my chances that the all female jury with only one non-white will realize that Zimmerman did indeed murder Trayvon out of hatred and an “overkill” desire to be the “neighborhood watch captain” … self appointed. Do you know anyone like that? They are actually pretty scary people who are extremely volatile and may “blow” any minute. I’ll take my chances on meditation and prayer, yoga and peace, love and forgiveness as I continue to seek my own spiritual education along this journey!

Have a great day and a wonderful week!


John I. Cook, Director

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