Peace On Earth . . .

peace christmasHappy Friday, All!

Yes, ladies and gentleman, you guessed it . . . T.G.I.F.! Having been raised by a baptist family, I still cling to my roots of acknowledging Christmas. We always had so much fun and so many activities. I can still see my father putting angel hair and tinsel on the tree until my mother would say, “Isaac, I think that is enough!” There were Christmas cards taped to the walls in various locations and multiple strings of lights around the windows in the living room, my parents bedroom windows as the Christmas tree sat majestically decorated in front of the living room window in our apartment on the 5th floor of the Winbrook Projects. The smells of fresh evergreen, the candy canes on the tree and placed in between the Christmas cards that my parents had received, and, in the evenings were intermingled with my mother’s baking. One of my former students from White Plains, Mrs. Diane Keck, who is now a wife and a mother is sending me some of her baked goods for Christmas and I look forward to them!

My sister is traveling to Tampa this weekend for a family reunion of relatives from that area where my mother grew up. My nephew and I were talking about going up for Saturday afternoon but we both have things going on that make it a bit difficult and we decided not to travel there. Shouts out to the cousins in Tampa from me and Kyle Shine, my nephew. Tomorrow is also the Seminole Hard Rock Casino and Resort sponsored Winterfest Boat Parade here in Fort Lauderdale. Many families go out and hang out on the canals and bridges of the waterways that are heavily populated with a variety of sizes and decorations of water vessels. It is always a treat if you are able to get close enough to see the festivities.

One of the reasons I have become much more spiritual is that during celebrations like these – Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, etc. – it helps me maintain a balance between all of the material things – gifts and displays of Christmas lights adorning homes everywhere – and the spiritual meaning of these Holy Days. It is nice to see people still reaching out to those with greater needs including Broward’s own “Big Mamma” who collects toys and gifts for those in need and the motorcyclists who had their “Run In The Sun” last weekend and multiple examples of “Secret Santa’s” who pay off lay away accounts for people who are struggling to give their children a “Merry Christmas”!

May there continue to be Peace on Earth … if only in our hearts!


John I. CookRed roseRed rose, Director

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