From Hurricane Sandy to Sandy Hook Elementary School

sandy hook victimsGood Morning, All …

Okay, so I can’t quite get the words “Happy Monday” out just yet. I’ve been up for a few hours now contemplating the rigors of life . . . so to speak. The story of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut has the whole world watching. What will we do? How will our nation handle this? The President has asked for “change” once again. Is there any quick fix for this type of occurrence? So many questions and such a variety of answers. Is Asperger’s the type of disorder that a single mother can handle all on her own? Does it make sense to teach a young man who is suffering from such a disease how to shoot automatic assault weapons? We could go on and on with questions and answers but nothing … not one little thing … will bring the 20 children and 7 adults (all women) including Adam Lanza’s mother back to life. Peace be still.

One of the things that is addressed in the platform of Educational Excellence is “ask for help when you need it”! It is just one of the items of importance in surviving, and, perhaps successfully living in this modern day world. This notion of “I don’t need any help” or “I am too embarrassed to let people know what I am going through” is often one that is detrimental to overcoming any obstacles, disorders or diseases. We all need help … we came into this world needing help, and, if we are fortunate enough, we will depart from this world needing “help”. What is this “life” we have been gifted (or cursed) with? Is it as mysterious as it seems . . . it comes and goes in the blink of an eye! Do you believe in a Creator? Do you choose to call “it” God, Allah, Buddha, “The Big Bang” or is the force that generated life on Earth worthy of any name, let alone worthy of “respect” from us?

I could go on and on with my philosophical “rant” of sorts. Yet, it seems that the name of “Sandy” has come up quite a bit recently in our nation’s circumstances … believe it … or not!! What is your take on this? Keep in mind, readers, that if you want to comment on the Educational Excellence blog, you can click on the link in blue below, and, once I have approved your comment, it will be seen by those reading the blog as well. Some of you have simply sent me e-mails, which is fine. A handful of folks have asked to be removed from the e-mail list, which is also fine. My goal is to keep my writing skills sharpened, share a message of peace, love and hope with my writing, and hopefully touch something in someone’s life that they can use to make their life better. May we consider ourselves a part of the big picture though we are very small in comparison to most natural phenomena. Yet, we must live, learn and change and NOT repeat the same mistakes over and over again . . . expect different results . . . and challenge the notion that we are indeed . . . an insane society!

John I. Cook, Director

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