Carpe Diem – Art Basel 2012

art baselHappy Friday, All!

Simply said, T.G.I.F.! Just showing some appreciation for this Holiday Season, y’all. Hanukkah begins tomorrow and there are a variety of events here in South Florida, as many people like to call it. Who can get to see all of these things in such a short period of time?! I won’t be visiting most of them but it’s good to know that good things are happening today, too! The news is often so full of negative stuff … no wonder some people don’t like to watch it. My father always watched television news and used to make us all be quiet …. or go to our rooms when it was on!!

“Welcome to Miami’s Art Basel 2012!” is the Holiday Cheer for this weekend. One woman who is such an art enthusiast commented, “It is the best event going on anywhere … ever!” Perhaps, that sums it up as international and national artist takeover Miami to display, sell, and promote probably some of the world’s finest art work. It seems to be an event that attracts people from every corner of the world and includes “everybody who is anybody” in the art world today!!! One must seize the days ahead and make it count as important days along this journey we share.

In Fort Lauderdale, meanwhile, the motorcycle community is sharing the event well known here called, “Toys In The Sun Run”, which is an opportunity for the “bikers” to show their love for the children here in South Florida. It begins somewhere near the downtown area of Fort Lauderdale and portions of I-95 and 595 are closed down for several hours to let the observers witness the love of motorcyclists for this time of year as they dress up in a variety of costumes highlighting the Christmas Celebration. The “Run” terminates in Markham Park where booths and venues, bands and goods continue the child-centered celebration. All toys and profits go to “Children in Need” for this Christmas 2012 in South Florida. Finally, we’ve got the Winterfest Boat Parade 2012 on December 15th (next weekend) here as well! The boats are elaborately decorated and multiple sponsors adorn their boats and cruise on the waterways of “The Naples of The USA” – Fort Lauderdale! One can choose their favorite event to enjoy this weekend as I am sure that a variety of events are taking place in your own neighborhoods and cities.

“Carpe Diem” … y’all! Have a great weekend! Happy Holidays!


John I. Cook, Director

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