relationshipsHappy Hump Day, All!

Here’s to hoping your week so far have been fruitful. I don’t have any complaints that would be worth airing just yet. While I have learned that complaining doesn’t solve anything anyway, I do know that asking for assistance or help when facing difficulties is the best alternative to complaining. ‘nough said!

With the murder/suicide of NFL football player Belcher becoming national news, and, Bob Costas, the announcer whose comment about gun control during NFL Sunday games (American Football), many have contemplated what could have gone wrong with the professional player’s life and his relationship with his girlfriend that caused him to act out in such a way. Costas has gotten a lot of criticism, and the coaching staff of Belcher’s team has remained tongue in cheek, so to speak. There have been some rumors that Belcher had received professional counseling in the past but not much more has been said.

During these Holidays, people often find themselves in emotional throes and historically during this time of year, there are added measures taken by various organizations and social institutions to be available for those suffering from such emotional upheaval as is common during these Holidays. Relationships are important. Us “humans”, I believe, need relationships of various kinds to pioneer our way along this journey called life. Sometimes, we lose relationships with our children, our parents, our mates. We often want to replace those relationships to aid in keeping our lives relatively buoyant and balanced. This is not an easy task. Over the years, seven to be exact, I have learned to handle the Holidays by being closer to friends and being open with them about how I feel after the loss of my mother. Of course, I still miss her. Personally, I remain “single” with no person in particular to consider a “significant other”. There are moments when the being alone-ness takes a toll on me emotionally and I seek healthy outlets like yoga or going out with good friends to fill the void that can sometimes become unbearable for many of us, me included.

“[A relationship] takes time and deeds, and this involves trust, it involves making ourselves naked, to become sitting ducks for each other.” – Eldridge Cleaver

Have a great Hump Day …. and stay close … to someone.


John I. Cook, Director

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