Ambassador for Peace!

Once again, my Creator has given still yet another day to make a difference . . . if not only in my life, then perhaps I may be fortunate enough to illuminate the lives of others a bit.

This past weekend was pretty special for a variety of reasons. While Friday night was “short and sweet” where I hung out with a few friends who sought to make the evening a nice birthday gift, I spent Saturday doing house chores and organizing a bit around the flat. Sensing an urge to commune with others, I attended another Saturday eve service at Calvary with my friends who are still visiting from Germany and some of their friends, children and parents. The service was designed to remind us to “count our blessings” and try to balance our lives with ample time for spirituality and acknowledgement of this gift of the journey called “life” with which we have been bestowed.

Yesterday, I spent some quality time alone with me and some notes which I have been organizing and sat down to write a bit. Peace was still …..

Since they are spending their last few days here and returning to Germany tomorrow night, I suggested a guided tour of the Seminole Hard Rock Cafe and Casino/Hotel for my friends. They welcomed the opportunity as we embarked upon an early evening journey. Now I don’t know how many of you are familiar with the layout but there are a lot of restaurants, clothing stores, gift shops, clubs and even a “Johnny Rockets” traditional American cuisine restaurant with milk shakes, burgers and fries. They opted to dine at the Hard Rock Cafe where the food was plentiful and delicious, not to mention the ambiance of the legendary “rockers” for which the Hard Rock is known worldwide!

“How should one live? Live welcoming to all!” – Mechtild of Magdeburg

Today, I will practice a welcoming attitude toward everyone I meet! (TOUCHSTONES, July 18th)

Have a wonder-filled week ….


John I. Cook, Director

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