Accepting Compliments

Happy Friday, All!

Needless to say, but I’m sayin’ it anyway, T.G.I.F.! And I mean that!!!

Wednesday was so super for me that I still have goose bumps all over! So many special people reached out to me with birthday wishes, especially on Facebook, that I am so grateful and elated! It took me two days to get back to everyone, which is something I like to do not only because I am a grateful writer but it also completes the cycle of appreciation shown to me by so many many wonderful people!

After leaving work in Boca where they had me stand up and wished me a happy birthday during the morning meeting, I got home and slipped into something more comfortable … to go out to The Trina Lounge on A-1-A for the monthly networking mixer sponsored by The Boys and Girls Club of Broward County. Definitely one of my favorite places, which is part of The Atlantic Resort & Spa in a prime location on Fort Lauderdale Beach. My friends visiting from Germany came by to pick me up and brought a lovely birthday card with a cupcake and candle! It was the second card I got, since my friend from Sunday’s outing also had presented me with a touching card, too! Thank you. After a few coconut shrimp and some spring rolls and a cool birthday drink which I enjoyed while watching the ocean, I took a minute to chat with Melissa, Director of Volunteer Services for the BGCBC. Always a pleasure to speak with her.

Then, as requested by my friend’s teenaged daughter, we went to Hooters for dinner at Beach Place overlooking the Atlantic Ocean from the top floor with a view right out to the full moon over the ocean and its reflection glistening right up to the shores on A-1-A! Nature rocks!

Now what was most smashing was the uncountable (is that a word?!) maybe innumerable wishes on Facebook from friends, associates, former students, college buddies and even a few very special people that I’ve met only on FB! I was overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation which prompted me to think deeply about my own family …. peace be still …

Now, coupled with the sad news of a 22-month baby found discarded and dead in the back of a Miami area daycare, and the sickening news of the man who kidnapped, killed and dismembered a child walking home from Summer camp in NYC, and the anticipated release of Casey Anthony on Sunday, who has received hundreds of dollars in her jail account … I ask us all to be grateful, spread good cheer and love …. yep and PEACE …. in hopes that it will become more contagious than this annoying decadence in our communities.

“Today, I will be open to the compliments that come my way without controlling them.” (TOUCHSTONES, July 15th)

Have a great weekend, thank you all …. and ….


John I. Cook, Director

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