Being Alone …

Yep, Y’all!

It’s not as if we didn’t know that Friday was coming, right?!  Or, if we’d be here … so … TGIF with me!  Done!

You’ve heard the expression “No (one) man is an island!”  How far do we take that axiom?  We don’t ask just “anyone” to help us because it’s important to be selective in our interactions … safe even … and get the proper help!  When we’re spending time alone and feeling like we need “somebody” there with us, what are our options?!?  I am sure they vary as each of us does!  Sometimes, I enjoy positive memories when I’m alone.  That’s why I often seek to have wonderful experiences in my life and in interactions with people.  I do this thing where I mix prayer and meditation – talking to my higher power and then listening to It!  I have found that when I am alone, I can focus better on those positive memories, maybe through a song or poem.  I like lyric-less jazz (improv) music so I can entertain my OWN thoughts while listening.  THINK POSITIVELY as often as possible as your thoughts spin “your” reality.  Does someone think you are a jerk or not worth fine treatment?  Vacate the premises, my liege!

I used to always want to “right a wrong” or “defend myself” when being spiritually (or physically) attacked.  Now, I realize that “I am better than that” … than to sit idly while an underling has its way with me or act out of character!!  We see this in less enlightened individuals who seek confusion rather than harmony in their interactions with others.  This confusion is often a smokescreen in their attempts to manipulate someone and take advantage of them.  When I see a person saying one thing and doing another, I usually vacate the premises to avoid the negative vibrations!  You can ONLY help someone as much as they want to be helped, you dig?!?  Don’t waste and deplete your positive energy.  Be a positive role model instead and demonstrate how it should be done.  That’s how I keep my head to the sky!  Now, don’t get me wrong because I do a lot of self-checking and often do a personal self-inventory several times a day.  That’s how I spend my time alone if not listening to music and enjoying nature’s finest!!

It’s okay to be alone and not suck up to others who need attention.  I like to be seen out on the town, feeling and looking good, too!  So, don’t get me wrong ’cause I have learned how to mix and mingle with some of the finest people … and I thank them for that.  Time alone can be used for self analysis (awareness).  Just don’t be too hard on yourself because there are a lot of people we will meet with many different issues.  Be kind … be yourself!


John I. Cook. Director

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