Can You Believe This?!?

Happy Fridaaaaay, YEAH!

I’m going to have to do a “T.G.I.F.” shout out right about now! TGIF – peace be still!

Well, I don’t know about you, but I can hardly believe the “lack of leadership” worldwide, if you will, as the Saudi oil refinery was attacked and a tiny cell of terrorists “took credit” while Iran said that they “had nothing to do with it”!  The whole world is in turmoil … over “fossil fuels”!  Aren’t “we” smarter than that?  Or have we just let greed for this imaginary paper with numbers on it control our formerly “human focus” and concern for our Earth!  Believe me … it’s NOT theirs!!

So, the current president in the States refuses to turn over his tax records, is now meddling in the intelligence mechanism to allow a “whistleblower” to expose potential wrongdoing and continues lying non-stop to the American people … and the world!  If I am not mistaken, the school children are “taking today off” to demonstrate THEIR concern for the horrific changes occurring in our world climate … world-wide!  I think there were a few places in New York where this was also being done as a way to demonstrate concern for “the world”.  Now, it’s the youth trying to show the so-called “adults” the dangers of human existence at the rate we’re going … world-wide.  Can we hear them?  Can we see them?  Many are actually afraid to go to “school” … Do the “adults” care?!?  Well, I do!  What about you?

I have decided to reach out to those willing to be peaceful and caring for each other and the planet.  I have decided to try to maintain a positive attitude throughout our human “tragedy”, if you will.  I continue to write, to motivate, to facilitate learning when and where I can … including learning for myself!

Stay tuned … we are ALL a part of this reality show!


John I. Cook, Director

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