The Dangers of Jealous, “Toxic” People

It’s Friday Again!
Yes, Sir!  I am feeling a grateful “T.G.I.F.” today, y’all!  Any takers on “feeling gratitude”?  You’ll worry less and care less about what jealous, toxic and potentially “harmful” people who want to negate “your” positive, caring and “classy” style of life think or say!  I always try to carry myself with “grace and style” no matter WHAT I am going through and experiencing.  “Toxic people” see that as a “fault” rather than a positive human characteristic.  “They” will try to make you “stumble” or even fall out of your positive approach to life.
For me, I try to first “educate” an individual(s) who clearly suffers from “my positiveness” and upbeat approach to life.  I mean, after all of the people who tried to help me and educate me, I feel that I “owe it to humanity” to share some kindness and positive energy with a person until I am “short circuited” by someone’s arrogant stupidity … much like the current president in “The States”!  I mean, I am NOT going to “suffer” and be denied my peace by anyone … ESPECIALLY if I have NOT provoked “you” or done anything to harm “you”.  This is where I “proudly” differ from the average person – I seek peace and will do what I can to spread it.  However, if I see that a person is “hell bent” on robbing me of MY JOY and freedom,  I simply IGNORE that person.  If “you” are that person and “you” are NOT seeking peace, “you” are NOT worth my efforts to maintain peace.  So, please, “just make like a ghost and disappear!”  A “person” like this, a racist, has no place in my life!  The current president is opening the doors for more racists to come out as he calls a woman running for office in New England “Pocahantas”!!!  “It” feels threatened and “it” does what every little “boy” having a temper tantrum does … start calling names … “racial slurs”, to be exact!  Dehumanizing activities have no place in my life today …  I seek to “educate”.  If you are toxic, please stay away while I do some positive things with my life!  Imagine … anyone can!!
The interesting thing about the “state of affairs” in the world today is that there are a lot of “shifts in power”, as we have been taught to call it.  Just last night as I watched a bit of the news, one participant mentioned that this is “how they play politics” … with OUR lives, pitting us against each other, making resources scarce and filling the cities in the States with firearms!  Yesterday was the first anniversary of the shooting and killing of 17 students at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School campus in Parkland, FL.  I had visited Ft. Lauderdale at that time to  secure some paperwork for my “residency” here and had the “privilege” of seeing the young people on the streets near the Social Security Office which was very near the High School.  They carried signs, they were of ALL races and sizes, they began a national movement to affect “gun control” in “the States”.  Now, “the suburbs” there are experiencing a similar fate as the “inner cities”.
In closing, don’t let the “toxic”, hate-filled people ruin your perspective on “life” … YOUR life.  Don’t let anybody “rob you of your joy and peace” … and humanity!  Distance yourself from them, surround yourself with “like-minded” people and continue to BE THE CHANGE!

John I. Cook, Director

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