Happy Born Day to ME!

Happy Friday, All!

I am up  for a very special “T.G.I.F.” today … it’s my birthday!  Another opportunity to “be the best that I can be”, no competition necessary!  Just me, myself … and I! J.I. to be exact!  J.I. Cook, if you will!  Yes, I got up early for this one, y’all!

I started thinking about what to say today … about life and stuff.  I wanted to make it worth your while to read …  The theme of “compassion and coexistence” has come up since moving to my “new” flat (I am the first one to dwell in this third floor studio in Hotel Jacaranda and Jungle Garden) … over and over!  So I am on the third floor with two windows without screens that swing wide open just across from the treetops nearby!  The stairs are not an obstacle so far; they have become my daily exercise.  During my first night as I set a few things in place like my corner shrine that I “create” wherever I dwell from gifts and artifacts, seashells and post cards, coins and trinkets, I heard a noise in the corner where a bamboo rack with shelves sits.  I was “building” my meditation area on the bamboo shelves.  It is in the corner of the rooftop flat of this huge house in the rear of Jacaranda’s property run by a Canadian woman named “Vera”.  The apartment was just refinished, as it must have been a storage area for a while, and everything was in place … no holes no spaces anywhere.  But I kept hearing this sound like some small creature crawling, walking or flapping its wings or something!  I tapped the ceiling space above the bamboo rack and got a tiny response!  This morning on my birthday, as I sit here in Puerto Viejo with the rain gently falling at nearly 5am, I still don’t now what it is!  Can you say “coexistence”!?

Given the fact that there are no screens on those two big wooden windows and I am up as high as the coconut treetops, I see birds, bees, mosquitoes, beetles, flying ants, moths, flies and more!  Occasionally, one of the aforementioned will enter the studio as the curtains serving as screens and decorations often blow open with the tropical Caribbean breeze.  At first, I was alarmed.  “How dare this creature come in here while I am relaxing!”  Then I remembered, these creatures were here before this structure was built!!  I learned to let them out, coaxing them from corners and curtains until finally, I was able to scurry “it” out the window, usually unharmed!  Okay, now you can say it with me – “compassion”!

I noticed that people here have developed these incredible reflexes when a fly or mosquito has landed on them.  They don’t even look at it … they just brush it off … or pop it if it is a biting mosquito!!  I am developing similar reflexes as I now brush the biting ants off of my feet while I watch the guys play pick up basketball games every Wednesday at 3pm at the courts near “La Parada”, a cool restaurant at the main bus stop in “Puerto”.  If you want to, you can think of “community” at this point in my birthday message … ’cause that’s where I am going with this.  Imagine … if we could learn to LIVE in peace … rather than only “Rest In Peace” … and experience compassion, coexistence and community right here on Earth!  “Pura Vida!”


John I. Cook, Director

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  1. StephenG
    Jul 13, 2018 @ 14:10:36

    Coexistence is life lessons



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