What’s Next?!?



Happy Friday, All!

It would be uncharacteristic of me not to T.G.I.F.!  So grateful for each day, I often remind myself …

This “life” we have each been gifted with is different for each one of us as we attempt to build the best lives for ourselves with what we have and what we can garner.  Sometimes, I feel like my “life” is a business: one has to negotiate “this”, fight for “that” and even put up with some other “stuff” … and “One never knows, do one!”  This is why I am grateful, to have reached retirement age, been able to fend off as much “negativity” and “hostility” as possible and learned how to deal with the “unfairness” of “life”.  I have had people criticize my writing, my thinking … shucks some folks take cheap jabs at my “peace” and my yoga!  What kind of person complains about someone who is always trying to be peaceful?!?

Just recently, I have been struggling to deal with and overcome what one doctor diagnosed me with – “osteo-arthritis”.  A few years ago, I was studying sciatica to see if this is something that I was suffering from.  The pain, sometimes, is debilitating, flaring up in one hip, then the other, and finally both!!  I still have my Mother’s old cane that me and one of my exes got for her some years ago before her passing … now that’s over ten years, now … so she would have something simple and sturdy to help her balance herself as she remained independent until the end!!  It’s a Chinese made black wooden cane with a “Panda Bear” as the handle.  I am looking at it right now as it accompanies me in my “writing space” at the current “bed & breakfast” I live in until I plan to travel abroad before my birthday in July!  Part of the fun has been researching where I can comfortably retire without working and live off of my retirement benefits.  I have signed up to receive e-mails from an organization of “ex-Pats” called “International Living” and they supply me with the cost of living in different places from Ecuador, Mexico and yep, Barcelona, Spain.  It is a detailed list of rent, food, gas, cell phone, health insurance, entertainment and travel costs.  So, I am  carefully studying my “what’s next” so I can make the right decision.  Yet, after discovering various ingredients including Krill oil, which aids in relieving inflammation in the joints as well as Glucosamine with Chondroitin tablets, I am feeling much better, able to practice yoga and sit in the jacuzzi afterwards and even swim some laps!  In addition, I am exploring smoothies or health drinks with ginger, tumeric, kale, apple and a few other “secret ingredients”.  I want to be able to travel with as little discomfort as possible.

Now, what’s next in America?!?  I don’t even want to think about it too much as the nation “gives Trump a chance” as he attempts to handle controversy after controversy … even telling the Mexican President that Mexico will pay for “the wall”!!  Could we call that “political bullying”?!?  Never mind, I am done … I can only anticipate what’s next for me … and even THAT might change.  Have a great day and a wonderful weekend!


John I. Cook, Director

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