Keep YOUR Perspective! “One Love”!


Happy Birthday, Bob Marley!

Yes, yes, y’all! And a T.G.I.F. to you, too!

I was reading an article about the massive income being taken in in the state of Colorado … for sales of medical and recreational marijuana!! Who ever would have thought that … it would be legal … and … an entire state in the U.S. of A. would benefit from it so much?!!! Incredible, right?! Things change so much in our world today … from the way they “used to be”! Would you agree?? Yet, don’t lose your perspective on yourself … if that makes any sense to you!

One of the reasons I like practicing yoga so much, (and I am getting “hooked” on Qi’gong as well thanks to Halima of the Brahma Kumaris network), is that you learn so much about yourself!! Most of us, over the course of a day, end up breathing like “animals”!! I mean, like panting and looking around for something … like AIR!! Stop … breathe in deeply a few times … close your eyes … think beautiful thoughts like your favorite place … and see what happens. Wednesday night when I was in yoga class, and I like to be near the front of the mirrors so I can see and adjust my posture in the different asanas, I had closed my eyes while in a pose. I breathed in deeply, looked heaven-ward, and when I opened my eyes … I felt a tremendous release of stress!!! My body felt extremely relaxed. Of course, this is one of the techniques, deep breathing and meditation, that I mention to the young folks when I have the pleasure of doing workshops and presentations with them. Most of my work is interactive, less lecturing and more getting participants involved. I am firming up an opportunity to speak at New Birth Church in Miami next Sunday, February 15th, 2015. One of my sister’s friends, Sandy Noble, has invited me to “speak” with her adult Sunday school “class” for Black History Month. I appreciate every opportunity to engage folks in spiritual development.

So, how many of you have heard about NBC star anchor person, Brian Williams, who claimed that he was shot down in an aircraft over Iraq and was rescued by a fighter pilot, I believe?!! Then, some days ago, while at a hockey game where Williams was in attendance with some famous movie star, they showed the “story” on the “jumbo-tron”. Soon after that, conflicting stories filled social media questioning the validity of Mr. Williams’s claim!! It turns out … it wasn’t true!! Did he, perhaps, lose his perspective on who he really is?!? Have you ever known anyone who “pulled your leg”? I have noticed that most … er uh … many people lie nowadays just to feel better about themselves … or do they? Some people “put others down”, so to speak, so they can feel better about themselves, too! False senses of security abound in our world today and folks egos are always in the forefront of everything. This is the antithesis of spirituality … peace be still.

In closing, let us remember and enjoy the music of Bob Marley today, with his heart felt Jamaican folk rhythms and bass, not to mention the soulful singing. Marley often said, “Freedom is being able to smoke weed!” Now what do you think the people in Colorado think about Bob Marley?! Either way, enjoy your day . . . “No woman no cry!” – Bob Marley


John I. Cook

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