“It’s Never Too Late To Learn Something . . .”

Never Too LateCan we find the space in the corner of our mouths to say “Happy Hump Day”?!

Mr. Boehner, Speaker of the House, and GOP “leader”, is it Hump Day yet? Is there something new we can learn to do?

How many times have you encountered the need to learn something? Maybe it was something new, or perhaps it was something that you knew already but had to relearn it? To forgive, to love … as is the topic of a talk by Brahma Kumaris, Marianne Weiss this Saturday … is something we often re-learn, if not learn it for the first time. Here of late, I am interested in learning more “reporter” style writing and have a professional friend, Kevin McNeir of the MiamiTimesOnLine.com, who has taken some time to show me the art of reporting, which I’ve always been curious about, since I often blog and do the EE E-mail Family pieces. It was just last evening that I sent a yogi friend, Christen Scott, a message for feedback on some issues, including treating an aggravated psoas nerve and muscle that I’ve been dealing with … she gave me her advice.

Well, I say this to say that I hope the Republican Speaker Boehner, clearly directed by Tea Party Initiatives – and I use that term loosely, continues his journey to help the POTUS re-open the United States Federal government as enough people have suffered, nearly died in some cases, and continue to struggle in most cases. I did hear Speaker Boehner say on a newscast last night that, “I agree with the President, we should pay our bills.” What a moment of enlightenment that must have been … for him to actually SAY this!

May we keep our positive thoughts and energies moving to encourage our “elected officials” to finally bring the nation back to a functioning status … believe it … or not!

Happy Hump Day, y’all!


John I. Cook, Director

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