International Day of Peace

international day of peaceHappy Friday, All!

Yes, I’ve got to say it because I can . . . T.G.I.F.! Hopefully, I am not alone in my decree! One of the things I enjoyed most about being “a hippy” during my college years was that many of us talked about “peace”. Some of us practiced it, too. I can remember as far back as boarding school in New Hampshire at St. Paul’s that a friend, J.T. Howell, used to always talk to me about meditation. I wasn’t sure where he was going with it but it was my first exposure to intentionally thinking peace filled thoughts!

Over all of our lives, we encounter different movements and organizations. Sometimes, we can become enthralled in something a little off center … recalling some cult-like events and organizations like Sun Yung Moon and “Jones Town”. Still there were other groups more ethnically and socially oriented like the Black Panthers and the SLA (Symbionese Liberation Army!). In my years living here in South Florida, I was exposed to a group called the Brahma Kumaris Spiritual World University. The person who invited me to their meetings is Marianne Weiss, who also works for the Miami Dade Big Brothers, Big Sisters. She was so kind, in fact, that she invited me to a meeting first of the Big Brothers Big Sisters administrative group. Then, I was offered an opportunity to be a part of one of their meetings at the Miami location of BK to give a talk and showcase my two books! Ever since then, I have met more and more members of the Florida Brahma Kumaris, including the director, Veronica McHugh. I am impressed with their quest for World Peace!

Saturday, September 21, 2013 has been designated as the International Day of Peace 2013. Today, Friday September 20, 2013, The Brahma Kumaris along with “Gallery 2014” in Hollywood, FL is sponsoring and presenting an opportunity for artists to display their “peace appropriate” art work for the general public to view at their location at 2014 Harrison Street, Hollywood, FL. In addition to the program format which starts at 6:30pm EST, there will be a meditation held at 7:30pm led by Sister Veronica, Florida Director of Brahma Kumaris. This is the same group that hosts meditation events every third Sunday at Hollywood’s Arts Park at Young Circle, also from 6pm to 7:30pm.

May we consider ourselves fortunate enough to be alive and relatively well today to be able to honor the International Day of Peace 2013.


John I. Cook, Director

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