“Jerks Out o’ The Box!”

It’s Friday, Yay!

Y’all still reading and breathing with me?!?  “Hallelujah!”  (Any of y’all remember “Bootsy”!?)  TGIF!  Thank You …

Can you believe how far “back” down humanity is falling?  Don’t we have a choice anymore?!  Every time “we” turn around, here comes another “jerk out of the box”!!  The sad thing is that so many … way too many … including Russian soldiers were killed and left on the streets of Ukraine to rot!!  The mayor of one Ukrainian city said, “To leave these bodies on our streets like this is not normal!”  Imagine “normal” …

Can you imagine a teenage Ukrainian boy watching his mother burn alive in front of his face?  He had been hit by shrapnel and could not walk …  He was rescued alive.  This is how the Russian dictator runs HIS things.  Clearly, “it” has no regard for ANYONE else!!  Do you know people like this who try to use you and … then when done … try to discard you like a piece of trash!!?  These people are like “jerks out o’ the box”!  Unfortunately, those fake “tough guys” in Congress are afraid of having an African American woman in “the highest court in the land”!  But wait, did you understand that SC Justice’s wife – Mrs. Thomas – also tried to coerce Mark Meadows, #45’s right-hand man, NOT to allow Congress to confirm the 2020 election results!!?  Does any one of you have a wife (or husband!) like this?!?  How about a “friend” like this?!?  Trust me, it can be traumatizing!!

As one of the most dedicated “lawyers” continues to interview for the remaining seat in the Supreme Court, many of the ReTrumplicans are attacking Judge Jackson like she is “the boogie man”!  How dare she outshine those … those … call them what they are now … “jerks out o’ the box”!?!  Who does SHE think she is?!?  Understand these frightened “little men” who fear that their “race” … OMG … is losing ground in populating the States … maybe the Earth!  THAT’S what the problem is!!  How could Judge Jackson, or any woman, let alone an African American woman, hold a position in government that is higher than any of them.  Enter another jerk … Sen. Hawley … who tries to stoke fear in EVERYBODY’S heart when he insinuates that Judge Jackson would be lenient on “child pornography” defendants!!  Stupidity at its “best” (or worst, in this case) is being displayed, as if Judge Jackson ain’t a woman who has children, too!  But wait … says Ted Cruz … let me ask her about critical race theory!??  That didn’t work either as indicated by Judge Jackson’s response that “she hadn’t read those books he named and that CRT had NOTHING to do with her job”!!

Don’t look in the background as North and South Korea test intercontinental missiles while Putin attempts to bully Ukraine into submission!!  What kind of world is this where so-called “leaders” are threatening to … DESTROY the Planet?!?  I’ll say it again, I am a social activist, anti-racist, and a learning facilitator and I choose to define myself … not wait for “someone” to say that I matter and tell me what I should do to attempt to “Save the Planet”.  I can’t sit by idly and watch “us” destroy ourselves!! 

“Raise your words, not your voice.  It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder …”   – Rumi  (Thanks to a young man I met named “Riley” who said that these words remind him of me …)


John I. Cook, Director

Thanks for reading!

I Bet You Weren’t Expecting This!!

Happy Friday …  There but for the grace of God go I … er .. uh … us!  So, TGIF!  ‘Nuff said!  I want to thank you Heavenly Creature … for shining your light on me!

What a world we have today, heh?!?  I never thought there would be a World War III, and especially not in my lifetime!  How about you?  Well … Surprise!  Surprise!  Surprise!!  I am sure most of us remember when the Russian Regime with Lavrov serving as “liar in chief” for Putin and how they were invited to the White House by #45!?!!  That was when they made a complete mockery of the United States government.  The second time was when #45 stated to the WORLD from Helsinki that Putin said …  and it doesn’t matter what followed.  Now, I know that many of us don’t trust government PERIOD … but why would someone TRUST Putin?!?  On the world stage, that idiot #45 gave Putin’s Russia the green light.

So, now we can see what is in Putin’s mind … Death and Destruction! Each time that I check the news regarding Ukraine, I am riveted to my seat and cannot believe that we are witnessing this lack of humanitarianism in this day and age …  Peace be still …  Yes, this is how aggressive, egotistical, non-leaders prepare for extermination, self-destruction, and the like!  For sure, I am like most of us are though I care a lot about human beings, our Planet, and the outcome of this drama!

If you can’t find a good reason to “love thy neighbor as thyself” these days, then I think that we are beyond help …  Please prove me wrong …


John I. Cook, Director

Thank You for reading!

The Protean Self

Happy Friday, Yay!!

At least “Fridays” can still be comparatively peaceful for now over here …  So TGIF with me if you feel up to it!!  TGIF!

Welp, it looks like we may be seeing World War III in our lifetimes!!  How exciting?!!!  NOT!!  Is this what leadership looks like?!?  Freakin’ humanity is on the verge of collapse and “humans” are still fighting over land that belongs to the inhabitants thereof, and this imaginary thing we whipped up called “money”!!  Ask the Russian oligarchs … or the “American Family” that are wannabee oligarchs!!  How do we individual “nobodies” fare in a drama-filled existence on the planet Earth?!?  Adjust and adapt!  With the hunger for one’s control over another as “the game” goes, we have lost sight of the value of sincere yet basic human communications and relationships.  Enter, the “protean man” (sorry ladies!) or the “protean self”.  As time progressed and this concept became more widespread, it was later renamed “the protean self”.

One of the good friends I’ve made along the journey has a similar take on the situation as I do: “Survival of the Fittest”.  In looking at how “misinformation” and “disinformation” are being spun all over the place, like Russia saying that it did NOT attack Ukraine, one has to be sharp, logical, self-knowledgeable, etcetera, to NOT get drawn into one of these “rabbit holes”!  In the household that I grew up in, mis- and disinformation were the same – A LIE!  And let me tell you something, my Dad aka “Big Ike” didn’t like lies …  Imagine a world without lies!!  It sickens me how a “leader” can command soldiers to kill civilians, including women and children, and blow up hospitals, gun down families trying to escape this lunacy, and then have his “mouthpiece”, Serge Lavrov, tell the WORLD that what they see with their own eyes is NOT taking place.

It makes me chuckle sometimes as I see remarks about how corrupt government is.  Most “people” don’t even know why and how let alone where early forms of “government” were established in regards to western civilization.  Governments developed from the feudal system in Europe to protect “citizens” from thieves, murderers, and the like found on the outskirts of fiefs controlled by feudal lords.  The earliest forms of government collected taxes from the serfs and peasants in exchange for protection.  So, now we don’t want government in any form, right?!?  Do we WANT anarchy?  (I bet you’ll say “yes” if you have a few firearms at home.)  Can you say “real savage” with me, perhaps “uncivilized”?  I hope not …

The “protean self” cannot be discovered in books, lectures, classes, or webinars.  The “protean self” is developed by a person who realizes that change is omnipresent, deceit and lies have become manipulative tools for leaders, and one needs to learn and understand human nature.  The future of humanity depends on our ability to navigate through these troubling times!  What say you?  (Feel free to reply on the blog!)


John I. Cook, Director

Thanks for reading!

And Just Like That . . .

Happy Friday!  There … I said it!  And I got the “TGIF” for all of us today!  TGIF!!

Sometimes, it becomes tiring to deal with the nonsense and negativity of some humans.  I try not to judge, but to listen to a grown-up yell out disrespectfully while the President of her country is making the “State of the Union” address is so disheartening.  This seems ridiculous even for a high school student!  But here, we have a woman showing her last drop of decency go down the drain …  And some folks in Congress even dare to question the character and background of the President’s recent nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson for the Supreme Court while sitting next to this buffoon styled moron!  The hypocrisy is horrific, the disrespect is intolerable, yet this type of behavior continues in the People’s House!!

As I matured in life (aka got older!), I realized that just as someone can get caught up in a downward spiral in life, one can also get caught up in the natural uplifting spiral!  That not only raises our own vibrations but … I believe … that “upward spiral” is unlimited.  You see, that spiral is not one based on how much one has “acquired” (money, property, yachts …) in this “man-made world”, but is based on positive vibration!  Have you ever thought about that in making your choices in life?  I mean, it’s only logical or “natural law” that the higher more positive vibration would yield and attract MORE positive vibrations!!  One just has to get on that “frequency”, if you know what I mean.  And just like that …

Those of you who may be new to “EE” should know that the entity also strongly emphasizes the development of “spiritual health”, which is different from “church”.  THIS is an inside job that I usually achieve through meditation.  This is why I often choose NOT to be around the drama-oriented, toxic, and destructive types of humans.  As I often share with my readers, I seek to be the best, most positive, and contributory person that I can be!  Notice … I didn’t say “better than you”!  This is where people get “life” twisted and over-emphasize the competitive nature of the human acquisition of “things”.  This is when people do the unimaginable … like bomb churches, schools, civilian dwellings …  All of that negative energy can only take “you” and humanity DOWN!!

In closing, I would like to “thank” those of us who embraced the intentions of Black History Month.  Yes, and I’m “black” according to society’s color definition 24 hours of EVERY DAY!  THAT’S why I keep my vibration “lifted”!  Try it … you might like it!  A special thanks to friends and foes alike for helping me get here!  The journey continues …


John I. Cook, Director

Thanks for reading!

Is It Crazy Enough for You Yet?!?

Happy Friday, Y’all!

We each can find something to be grateful for so join me in a TGIF if you’d be so kind!!  Done!

How are you guys holding up nowadays?!  Is there a new group forming in the States called “American Politicians for Putin”?  The former president is enjoying this presumptive bloodbath and says “I know him very very well, and he’s very smart!”  Can you imagine this?!  Now there are GOP (Republican) members in Congress also criticizing Biden at any and on all points including praising Putin!!  America is about to implode and the authoritarian vultures worldwide are looking for their next bite of the Planet … or what’s left of it!!  Pay close attention if you haven’t already seen it but “the Russian bots” are out … on Facebook spreading fear!!  What a world we live in.  It’s a world in which it is extremely important to “know thyself” … the good and the bad.

At this time in American History, we see several cases involving murders of still more African Americans by vigilantes or law enforcement officials.  I am extremely happy that the three characters who lynched Ahmaud Arbery in broad daylight finally got their rightful punishments – life in prison.  Imagine that at the onset of the flow of information through the police department and the prosecutor’s office, these three bad guys were NOT even going to be charged!  This is from the playbook of “The Old South” in which Ku Klux Klan members are also officers, chiefs, and prosecutors simultaneously.  So, folks of color never had a chance.  These mofos tried again … in broad daylight … and even filmed it themselves … to lynch a human because of his color!!!  A heartfelt sigh of relief must be flowing through Ahmaud’s mother and father.  Ben Crump said referring to the former prosecutor Jackie Johnson, “We’re coming after you next!”  Notice the perseverance and patience REQUIRED of African Americans to get the wheels of justice to churn not to mention in “their” favor.  

Vladimir Putin has taken advantage of how “Americans” are so fragmented – racially, religiously, politically, in regards to the virus, in regards to climate change – that we now have “Americans” cheering for an authoritarian, totalitarian, monstrosity of a dictator.  And imagine after seeing #45 cozy up to Putin like his new whore, so many fools want to blame Biden!!  Prayers for those who stand on the doorstep of death so one creature can have his way …  Peace be still …  I know over half of amerika is not “woke” yet, so I wish you luck sleeping through this nightmare,  Blessings


John I. Cook, Director

ps. Thanks for reading!

It’s Hard to Say Anymore . . .

Happy Friday, All!

If you’re up for it, let’s share a moment with a kind thought … about anybody or anything … just make sure it’s kind!  I know it takes practice and discipline, so TGIF!

This month continues highlighting the contributions and accomplishments of African Americans.  Indeed, as a people and community, African Americans have internal issues caused by the use of the “evil institution” of slavery to build the then-new nation’s economy.  While I see perhaps a resurgence of ignorance based on fabricated fears proposed by “non-leaders” or avaricious puppets of greed, I am honored to have known two fine men in my life who passed away this month.  I mentioned my Coach and Athletic director from St. Paul’s School in a recent message.  He was an advocate for “rising above” … that’s what leaders do!  The other gentleman that I wanted to mention who also recently passed away was Manson A. Donaghey, former Principal at White Plains High School where I held my first full-time job teaching social studies for 10 years!  My mother was also a good friend and activist in White Plains who knew and worked with Mr. Donaghey.  She only had positive things to say about this man.  A special thanks to Mr. Tom Painchaud, a classmate from SPS who sent a copy of the obituary …  Peace be still …

Have humans lost the capacity to do or at least say kind things to and about each other and our world in our daily lives?!  It’s like no matter what is being contemplated, considered, or even discussed, many humans don’t seek a solution, but instead, seek a diametrically opposed view to any “give and take” nor attempt to understand the “other side” to arrive at a solution!  What generates that state of mind?  Like Ahmaud Arbery’s father, Marcus Arbery said after listening to comments made by the three accomplices about African Americans and how there were none in his community …  “It’s a sickness to hate someone … and they haven’t even done anything to you!”  There are people who don’t see the mental illness in this type of behavior.  Of course, it’s easy to say, “Why don’t they stop complaining!”?? If your life was and is never threatened because of the color of your skin, you have NO idea of the pressure, ignorance, and downright stupidity that people of color who have successfully dealt with this illness MUST experience!

Just a few days ago in a Bridgewater, NJ mall, two teenagers were having a verbal disagreement until the bigger kid who was a light complexion Hispanic got his flailing hand pushed away from the face of the African American kid.  The bigger white-looking but Hispanic kid (watch the video!) was the aggressor and was controlling the fight until two police officers grabbed the Hispanic kid off of the African American teen to sit him down on the couch.  Then the 8th grade 15-year-old African American was thrown to the floor in the mall, the female officer put her knee on his back, and the male officer (both white) handcuffed the African American teenager while the taller teenager stood over them watching!  You see, this is a situation where the “residue of racism” was imposed upon the African American teenager by the white police officer.  Even the youth filming the viral video commented, ” … it’s because he’s black … racial motive …”.  Some so-called adults can’t even recognize what those teenagers clearly notice!

Obviously, we need more adults to recognize this attitude re-permeating the fabric of American society.  We can see this with former officer Kim Potter who “thought” she had her taser when she killed the young African American male Daunte Wright (RIP).  I am willing to hypothesize that her brain was wired one way while her mouth was making a conflicting statement!!  The Residue of Racist Thinking eventually comes out in one’s behavior … As the officers who aided in the murder of George Floyd get grilled in a civil suit, a juror is asking for “counseling” after hearing the repeated racist, hurtful, and hate-filled statements attributed to the murderous trio that clearly identify that this was a premeditated lynching, murder, and HATE CRIME … of Ahmaud Arbery!!!

In conclusion, it’s really hard to say anymore.  I just hope that the youth of ALL races can recognize the racial storm continually building up in … amerika …  


John I. Cook, Director

The Gift of Life

Happy Friday, All!

We here at EE continue honoring descendants and heroes of the African-American slave trade and their contributions … to the world!  So, TGIF with me if you will!  Thank you, kindly!

Our lives indeed are “ours” as the cry for freedom rings out all over the place, including some truckers in Canada.  As we all too often learn … sometimes too late … that we’re all connected on this Planet.  What one does, has an effect on others, often many others!  A long-time friend and former Coach at St. Paul’s School, Concord NH, passed away a few days ago.  He was one such person, though I was under his athletic tutelage for 3 years, who touched my life in ways that have had a lasting effect.  I reiterate that his life of nearly 100 years was a great gift for many of us, including “the brothers from The Red Tails aka Tuskeegee Airmen”, whom he actually fought with in World War II.  One afternoon, in Cocoa Beach, FL, he and Mrs. B. met me for lunch and he gifted me a booklet entitled: “Rising Above” (Lessons Learned from the Legendary TUSKEGEE AIRMEN).  I still have it … signed by him … Peace be still …

We could look at our lives as a “gift” for ourselves and perhaps someone else, rather than as something we actually earned whose “freedoms” we must fight for at every turn.  But here is where it gets tricky.  How far do we take these freedoms?  Now, it should be clear to any human being that no one has the right to “own” another human being, already equipped with a mind, body, and soul!  I can honestly say that at this time in my life, I feel “the present”.  I know it sounds cliche but I am learning to live in every moment and appreciate the gifts along my journey.  These gifts seem to be all “karma” related as I always try to put my best foot forward when I am clearly cognizant of the repercussions of my actions.  Do we need so much freedom that we grind the human civilization to a halt because we want more “fabricated freedom”, to just say “no” … because we can?!?  Read up on what former African American slavery was like … just to wet your whistle.

On the personal side, I have started a regular workout routine for 2 months now.  I’m consuming more fruits and vegetables …  I take time when I wake up in the mornings now that I don’t have any place to run to at 9 or 10 am.  I can roll over, sit up, lay back down, stretch out for REAL … taking all the time I want.  I still always wake up early for a Curcuma/ginger tea or fresh smoothie (batido as they are called here).  If it’s Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, I get to the gym facility across town by nine.  If it’s Tuesday or Thursday, I make it a point to get to this enormous surf beach in Cocles in the morning, place my beach chair in the shade, and meditate on the natural sounds … or my smooth jazz music.  Now that I have transportation on my City Coco Electric bike, I no longer carry my cane as it can be a bit cumbersome during errands.  A lot of progress is being slowly made … with no surgery necessary …  So, I am good!  I am at peace with the universe in general.

As we go through our lives each day, make an effort NOT to be obstinate … just because you can!  (Keep in mind this Black History Month, everyone cannot be obstinate … just because!  #TrayvonMartin #ErikGarner … and the list has continued of unarmed African Americans being killed … no effin’ freedom … in the streets of the land of the free, home of the brave …)  While attempting to get rid of the hideous electoral college in the States, maybe we can change the wording of that motto … or … choose to live up to it!

Have a great weekend and thank you for reading!


John I. Cook, Director

The Residue of Racism

Happy Friday, one and all! I think that we need a TGIF right about now!  What a week in national and international affairs!! TGIF, first!  Done!!

I’m an African American male born in the State of New York, USA … circa 1954 during the height of the Civil Rights Movement.  I saw things like the assassination of former Pres. John F. Kennedy,  the Watts Riots in California …  the rise of the Black Panthers, Angela Davis, Bobby Seale, etcetera.  Now, I am one of those people that pays attention as to how people behave including myself.  One type of person that I prefer not to deal with is a liar!!  Now, I owe that to my Dad, “Big Ike”.  We had a family … why would one family member LIE to another one?!?  He didn’t tolerate that … and neither do I!!  That type of behavior is unbecoming of an adult … toxic behavior results … families fall apart while others are destroyed by selfish toxic individual family members …

So, it’s “Black History Month”, a month to highlight the contributions of African Americans to the world … and in particular, formerly enslaved Africans who helped to build America … for FREE!  After “The Reign of Ignorance and Hatred” personified by #45, America continues to fall from its “position” as a role model for democracy and a champion of human integrity …  There was once what was called “minority groups” in America that many other Americans wanted to see equally included and represented in the USA.  After #45 who successfully stoked racial and religious separation and hatred, we have arrived at a “u-turn” in human history …  Tensions have arisen once again between the nations that consider themselves “world powers” and the citizens of the USA are finding themselves fighting each other like “crabs in a barrel”!  From grace to disgrace!!  I am convinced that the FACT that the land called the United States of America was TAKEN from the Natives already here, their culture (Native Americans) was trashed in the name of “modernization and progress”, and an image of a nation was created on the backs of enslaved Africans … the inhabitants of this land owe a spiritual debt.  (The same weapons used to subjugate the native inhabitants are being used to destroy the current “nation”)

Now, as the nation attempts to celebrate “Black History Month”, we can see all types of lies being disseminated regarding, for example, nominating the first African American woman to sit on the Supreme Court of The United States of America.  The backlash and racism, hatred and envy of a person not even named yet are insidious!  African Americans who have managed to utilize the capitalistic democracy in order to survive and raise offspring KNOW that WE have to be twice as good … because of the color of our skin … in the United States …. and elsewhere.  So, now that I am twice as good, retired, and seeking peace … show some respect!!  If not, keep it moving!!  People who are subject to racist practices have the residue in their lives.  And as well, people who are victims of that residue, have to handle that hatred and rejection that they may have experienced.  In America today, thanks to #45 and his incessant pillage into American capitalism, the country appears to be courting “Civil War 2.0”!!  How intelligent … NOT.  Maybe we will have World War III first!!  All of that signals “the further decline of the human kind” … Peace be still!

If the whole world is destroyed, nobody “wins” as we have been conditioned to believe in the grimy game of capitalism – either you win or you lose.  So-called “civilized” humans have learned to value paper money and the power humans have given it more than the very air we need to breathe, the water that we need to drink … and the Planet that we live on!  People, how many times do we have to hear musicians sing “We Are One!” and “Come Together!” until we get it?!?  Respect Black History Month in the USA!  


John I. Cook, Director

ps. Thank you for reading!

The Hopeless Plight of a Bully

Happy Friday, All!

Maybe you’ve time for a TGIF with me, eh?  Then, TGIF, Baby!

Straight-out questions:  How do you feel about a person who clearly bullies others in an attempt to create an image, perhaps?  How do you feel about the person(s) being bullied?  Do you even care?  Perhaps, unless “you” are the one being bullied?  Have you ever tried to bully someone?  Do you know why??  Yes, it’s a hell of a topic!

A bully is a “person” who has low self-esteem and probably less talent or skills.  A bully is a parasite that preys on the weak.  One thing that the average teacher has witnessed is the hopeless plight of the bully!  Personally, I detest bullies … those who would rather go around trying to put others down, so to speak, so that “it” … the bully … has moments of joy as it watches its victim cringe in discomfort …  In my career as a classroom teacher/learning manager, I’ve had to deal with a few bullies.  It seems that they resort to this behavior because they are hiding something that they MUST come to grips with in order to be mentally, spiritually, and humanly healthy!  Bullies can be some serious creeps who have the talent of convincing other lost souls to follow and believe in “them” and not believe in themselves!  What a problem(s) these predators can cause.

Once we can agree on what a “bully” is, we can either decrease their relevance or simply ignore them and keep them out of positions of importance and out of our/your lives! Power is the drug used by the bully.  The bully first convinces its subjects (yes, objects of bullies are usually weak and ignorant people) that they need “it”…  A bully can be a woman or a man, a sibling, aunt, or boss.  Sometimes, they are just people “off of the street” looking for a weak link.  KNOW who you are so that you can protect and defend yourself.  Sometimes in my life due to my desire for PEACE, some people actually think that I am weak!  I’m cool but far from weak.  I have conditioned myself both mentally and physically so that I do NOT fly off of my handle.  I have wreaked havoc and destruction when I just fly off!!  (I decided that I don’t want to be remembered for that!)  I give the person trying to bully me a chance to see that “I am not of their world” full of bs and fear!!  I was in fourth grade at Rochambeau Elementary School the first time I stood up to a bully …   It was a black kid just like me! I haven’t stopped standing up to those fools yet … black, white, or in between!  In whatever manner a bully approaches me, it better come at me strong … ’cause I’m ready!  I said it … cool yet READY!  A simple lesson in self-esteem.  A hard one to learn but a lesson that one should learn.

Again, I’d like to thank the readers and remind you that I am peace and love, an anti-racist, a social activist, and a learning facilitator.  Trust me, I have been there, done that, got the t-shirt and I’m still here to tell my story!  Thank you “universe” … I really do love you!!


John I. Cook, Director

ps – Thank you for reading …

Gratitude Is . . .

Happy Friday, I say to each of you! We have so much more to be grateful for than we are often willing to admit.  It’s that “ego” thing (easing God out) that has us, humans, in competition with God.  As for me, TGIF!!  What sayeth you?!?

Well, the racial underbelly of the fabric of American society reared its ugly head again .. this time at a synagogue in Texas, Colleyville to be exact.  The Congregation Beth Israel synagogue was the scene of a ten-hour standoff last weekend caused by a British Asian.  This misdirected Muslim chose that synagogue because of its proximity to a prison where a convicted female Muslim terrorist is being held.  So, this character seemed to come from England to the USA to die at the hands of the FBI.  The tangled web of racial tensions and disinformation have entrapped yet another seemingly feeble-minded human …  Peace be still …  I argue again that the racial hatred being displayed not only in the States but worldwide was created … again by “man” (humans ourselves).  As “he” sought to use race as a determinant in a hierarchy of power associated with imperialism, colonialism again, which seems to omit the Native American existence altogether, and the expansion of capitalism, “race” has become a determining factor in “who” is attacked, by whom and why!  Now understand that the attackers choose senior citizen Asians in San Francisco or NYC, not any Asians at a gym or martial arts studio …

Interestingly sad as well, one of the survivors of the botched hostage situation had taken a course offered by the Anti Defamation League and/or FBI that he, Jeffrey Cohen, said he credits for helping to save his life.  One of the other four survivors had only one thing to say … “I am so grateful, I’m just so grateful …”  Imagine …  Mr. Cohen said he believes that Akram, the attacker, was mentally ill as his family mentioned in an apology to the hostages.  He added that he did not think Akram was “your typical attacker” who wanted to kill Jewish people but that he had “bought into these tropes.”  This is another indication of how closely tied mental illness is to racism.

In closing, I wanted to mention how difficult it is to watch the American political system fail the actual people that it was designed to serve.  Watching these suit-wearing law school-educated buffoons argue and bicker like children while they line their pockets with money from the lobbyist(s) is so disheartening in one of the last strongholds of democracy in the world.  So, help spread the good news, encourage people to vote, don’t allow yourself to be complicit in that low-level racist behavior!  Blessings!


John I. Cook, Director

ps. Thanks for reading!

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