The Girl With No Face . . .

Welp, it’s Friday again!  Have you hugged your kids today?  Your partners?  How about your parents or grandparents?  If so, join me in a moment of gratitude … even … TGIF!  Thank you ALL very kindly!

Some things about human behavior never cease to amaze me!  Selfishness, greed, cowardice … dishonesty …  It hit me hard AGAIN after hearing and seeing accounts of yet another mass shooting in Allen, TX … at a mall!  It seems that the “corrupted politicians” (republicans who cling to their second amendment right as if it is a baby’s pacifier while we allow ourselves to kill each other … and NRA capitalists stand by and watch us kill each other as they go all the way to the banks …) have convinced us “this will never happen again” ….  Don’t we get it yet?!?  They are playing games with our lives … our children’s lives … like Russian roulette.  While I need to travel stateside in July to update some documents, I’m leaning towards just an “in and out” trip in an effort to come out alive!!

It almost seems like we’re (y’all are) being taken hostage in “our” own country by components of “our” own government and their financial backers!!  When I look at it from where I am fortunate enough to sit today, it looks pretty ominous.  The most recent mass shooting (unless one is happening right now as I pen this piece!) in Allen, TX really broke my heart … over and over again!  I wonder sometimes … Do many Americans have a heart?!?  Why do we allow these two “care less” groups (NRA & supporters plus avaricious and greedy politicians) to control our lives?!?  Can’t we see that it is only a matter of time before some girl in our family is found with NO FACE?!?  Don’t make me say it … the hell with it … Are you shittin’ me?!?  You mean, “you” would rather support the second amendment and jeopardize my grandson’s opportunity at LIFE?!?  You’ve been bamboozled if so!

In thinking about possible solutions, it comes to mind that we should require a “special committee” of NRA execs and 2nd amendment advocates to come to the aftermath of one of these mass shootings and be required to take photographs of and write vivid descriptions of what they see.  The downside for this “special committee” members would no longer receive their salaries (taxpayers money) unless they completed their “homework” successfully.  There should be a special group consisting of victims and family members of victims of these mass shootings to correct that first group’s “homework”!  We need to put THEIR faces in the same crap that they are forcing American citizens to face EVERY freakin’ day!!!  I mean DAMN … is the greed element so decadently powerful that these “educated” and “smart” leaders can’t even see the consequences of such foolhardy policies?!?

Well, I’m done here and I’m going to climb down from my soapbox and ask you readers to spread these words (if you believe in them) and make them a part of your own “kitchen table” issues!  I can’t believe that I actually don’t want to travel stateside with all of the drama that is constantly brewing in the heads of these so-called “supremacists” and “right-wingers” who act more like supreme idiots than anything else!  Decisions … decisions …


John I. Cook, Director

Thank you for reading!

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