Listening to the Universe

Well, well, well … it ain’t hard to tell!  Who ever heard of listening to something other than “human noise”?!?  Or, listening to something that you can’t see?  You’ve got to be in tune with it for sure.  It’s about time for me to do my TGIF acknowledgement!  Done!

Over each human’s lifetime, we have been exposed to some form of religion, as it has come to be called.  Others may call themselves atheist. I remember taking a course in boarding school called “The Rise of World Religions”.  (I graduated from St. Paul’s with honors in English, Spanish, and religion) Today, there would be a heated debate on which those would be.  For me, it doesn’t matter much.  If it’s not part of a solution for me and humanity TODAY, I won’t waste my time debating or contemplating it!  If I were so daring as to try to create a “new” religion, it would be based on “mutual respect” (love) for ALL, including and especially Nature!  I want to mention how I witness the universe operating in my life, without my consent!  Yet, I have learned to just listen sometimes and not act so fast on human impulse.  Those impulses have in the past been generated by stress, “flight or fight” type situations.  Out here where I am at, the peace and tranquility exceed my expectations sometimes. I actually look forward to though quietly and not anxiously for the “universe” to direct many of my activities.

Last weekend, I was planning to drop by a location where there has been an organization called “El Puente” that services the local indigenous Bri Bri population.  It was started by two Americans who ran it for many years.  When I first arrived, I had volunteered as a tutor for English class …  And then “covid” hit and the Ministerio de Salud shut such entities down.  I had met many of the participants at the Saturday lunch or “soup kitchen” where I used to set up shop to help with any English assignments or interests.  Many of us became friends.  So, just by chance of “universal intervention”, I had planned to stop by and say hello to Derek and his wife Maria and their daughter whom I often see in my travels here in Puerto.  I have an “El Puente” cap that I bought from them last year along with an indigenous handmade bead necklace for protection. I put them both on and decided to just stop by to say hi …  When I got there, I was pleasantly surprised to see so many people there including the new director of “El Puente” Kent and his daughters!  His wife, Melissa, needed some “her” time since the family had just arrived from the States.  They were celebrating “Dia de Los Indígenas” at their location – El Puente – which is just around the bend from the rental house!  The festivities were over the top including typical group dancing in a circle which was happening when I arrived, a typical lunch served with rice, ham and boiled banana (platano) eaten without ANY utensils and served on a leaf!!  Of course, I purchased a few empanadas and a local ice cream/refresco which they were also selling to tie me over until I got home.  I videotaped and saw many of my Bri Bri friends who also fondly remember my almost 2 years volunteering as an English tutor!  No one had told me anything about the event, I wasn’t sent an e-mail by anyone …  It was straight up messaging from “the universe”!  I spent over two hours there!

Part of the credit for being accessible to universal direction is that I have learned and come to value the concept of “not messing with anyone/anything” and instead being very benevolent with the few material things that I possess as well as any of the spiritual things that I may offer.  Living with this as my philosophy not only brings me peace, but it also often provides inexplicable guidance and gifts that I could NOT have planned or acquired with my greatest efforts and intelligence.  So, I often find myself raising my eyes to the sky and whispering “Thank you” out loud.  We MUST learn to listen to the divinity of the universe and NOT the drama of our colleagues.  It takes patience, time alone, and skill.  It’s not something that you can suddenly do.  When I observe my health and sense of well-being, I see leaps of progress and improvements.  It seems that once I was able to disconnect from a lifestyle driven by fear, full of so much work that I could barely take care of myself, I feel like myself again!!  THAT was a big challenge, especially once the arthritis in my hips had set in.  Finding a place where people don’t normally rush around so much, and with birds chirping incessantly, dogs barking periodically, and even a rooster or two crowing out here has been invaluable.  I’m able to get in tune with the universe on a very uplifting and positive frequency or level.  When any stressful thoughts come, I simply am able to let them melt away.  If any stressful situations arise, I can simply walk away.  Coupled with my one hour per day, three days a week workout routine, I’m feeling groovy again!  I remember back in the day when I was trying to find myself, as we used to say!  Come to discover, I was here all the time!  It’s about tuning in to positivity with genuine respect and love.  People are still people out here, but I can find my frequency easier with less societal distractions, if you know what I mean.

The journey is a bit different for each of us as we come from a set of different experiences.  So, we have to learn to “vibe” with each other, you dig?!!  This again is what Educational Excellence seeks to advocate, Y’all!  Thanks for reading!


John I. Cook, Director

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