“Ain’t Nothin’ but the Money!”

Okay, it’s another Friday under Creation … I’m thankful just to be here and aware!  While I don’t advocate any particular religious or social “doctrine”, I’ve always liked the axiom “TGIF!”.  It’s cool to be happy and thankful!  So, TGIF!!

Whether we want to accept it “they” have us fighting each other for it, destroying the Planet for it … as if we were “gods” when money was created to make trading easier during the Middle Ages.  Now, we (us humans) have gotten so carried away with it – money, the concept of intangible “wealth”, that our civilization has normalized the acquisition of “wealth” by any means necessary.  Humans are addicted to it.  Personally, I still use it to exchange for “goods and services”.  It’s NOT a mark of excellence nor a position of power … for me.  Most people have it twisted to the point where we “sell” our values of dignity and self worth – some of us – to “appear” ahead or better than someone with less than you … and so the vicious “game of human dominoes” begins!  Speculate … when and how will it end!  Paul McCartney said it a while back: “Come Together!”  Frankie Beverly and Maze said it over and over in “We Are One!”

The US Supreme Court “jester” Thomas and his wife “Bonnie” Thomas have proven how low one can go, ignoring the “rules” in their personal lives while advocating the importance of “law and order” on the professional “stage”.  And yes, it all seems to be “political theatre” with everyone wanting to be “the star of their OWN story”!  I mean. It’s gotten so bad that these characters are doing it in “plain sight”!  So, y’all can tell them when I’m gone that I tried to “say something” along with the rest of the “social activists” and social scientists and people who genuinely care!  But we had a great time trying to save “humanity” with a priceless basic ingredient called “love”!  Accept no substitutes that end up with “one” being manipulated to do “dirty stuff” in the name of love!

Between the “money” and “weapons” in places like the USA, it seems that nothing else matters.  Now, it’s the same everywhere just in lesser (or greater) degrees – once a person gets their hands on a gun, their “self-concept” changes … for worse quite often.  It seems that everyone is “afraid” of something that determines how they view their own life.  Shouldn’t “life” be lived with lots of “love”, peace, and happiness maybe?!?  Yet, we see so-called “leaders” motivating people with “fear” of each other!  Keep in mind, these are not real “leaders”.  They may have convinced you that they are a “leader” while simultaneously doing what “they” tell you NOT to do!  Sounds like anyone that you know?!?  There are a lot of “fake” leaders like that!  I’m not sure how this “divide and conquer” strategy will work but I’m placing my bet on “the power of love”!  You might say that it’s cliche, but … do you have something BETTER to believe in that might unite us humans?!?

Every generation seems to be plagued with the same problem(s) of getting our human “ills” right and legislated!  You know, some things can’t be legislated …  Some things must come from the “heart of humanity”!  Don’t let yours die.  When “trapped” in a situation where you must demonstrate either the evils caused by greed … OR … you may demonstrate “the power of love”, choose wisely!  The fabric of human values must be restored … no matter who you think you are or where you’re from!!  There are many things other than money.  “Choose wisely”!


John I. Cook, Director

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