Stand Up! For Yourself … At Least!

It’s Friday!!  How are y’all holding up?  Sometimes, I’m just glad to be “above ground” … and out here, too … in the Caribbean, that is!  So, I really do have a lot to be grateful for … TGIF!!  And you?

Nowadays, for me … life looks challenging!  Now, I am not “a fighter” but I can be when necessary!  And NO … I’m not talking about fisticuffs!  I’m the type of person who fights intellectually for what I believe in!  When I lay down at night, I want to be at peace with myself because … today I can!!  So, I take advantage of the fact that I have time … imagine that … to get involved in my physical and mental health (education, too) and make them my priorities!  I’m sure that by now, readers can tell that “I am NOT for everybody!”  If you want to know lies and deceit, gossip and garbage … PLEASE … keep it moving!  I try to make it clear that I take a stand for what I am.  If you challenge “who” or “what” I am, a person should be ready for an intellectual battle at least …  I don’t play “stupid” for nobody.  Please, don’t mistake my humility for stupidity!  As I told one ex-friend, “I will smoke you … keep messing with me and I will show you!”

Amongst the many banners that I hold high in my life is the “anti-racist” one.  I mean, I was born into the skin I’m in and I am quite proud of how I handle myself as I am constantly challenged to defend myself or at least “stand up” for myself! It’s not becoming to allow someone to “define” me!!  Most people have the wrong idea anyway as “they” focus on my skin color for jokes and basic disrespectful behavior.  I was reading up on some information yesterday about the “Colfax Massacre” on Easter Sunday in Colfax, Louisiana in 1873.  After the Emancipation Proclamation was signed, it wasn’t actually enforced in places where “whites had become accustomed to black slaves”.  Often, there were no federal troops to enforce the document.  Even those whites who KNEW that slavery and racial discrimination were wrong tried to stand up for their “fellow human beings”.  This “massacre” was one such event as the former slaves sought to “stand up” for their freedom and rights to the “white supremacists” of which there were many.  There were areas where there was no “law enforcement” and the racist “white” Americans did EXACTLY as they wanted!  You can imagine that it must NOT have been pretty as an estimated 62 – 153 black militiamen were murdered as they surrendered to the “former Confederate soldier” counterparts!!  There are accounts that say the estimate of murdered “blacks” was way more!  As well, there are accounts of the Colfax Massacre that describe how the “blacks” who sought to protect their newly established “freedmen” rights were GUNNED down by these ex-confederates AFTER they had surrendered!  Can you say “barbaric cowards”?!?  You see, it’s a MUST for any respectable African American to be an anti-racist, especially amongst the men!  “Stand Up!”

As the fires burn in the streets of Paris, the drama continues to unfold as Netanyahu postures himself to be the next dictator, the USA has its hands full with multiple legal cases as well as factions defending a twice impeached, racist, sexist and incompetent ex-president!  Enter “Li’l Jerk” Jimmy Jordan to defend this sack of crap!  And of course, #45 uses his racist attacks (calling Mr. Bragg an animal) as he seeks to stir up his remaining losers to defend him and donate money to him.  Most respectable African American men have experienced these types of challenges throughout our lifetimes!  “Stand Up!”  Bragg is swinging for the bleachers as “the little stupid people” continue to defend … well … GARBAGE!  While I didn’t mention the corrupt and unstable election results in several African countries, it’s clear that the problem is world-wide.  These “dominators” or “controllers” lose their minds when presented with the opportunity to dominate and ultimately control any affairs that they can get their grimy little paws on!  “Stand UP!”  If we look around the political landscape in the States, we can see how there are some people who recognize the injustices imposed on “people of color” in the States.  While I am MUCH happier here in Talamanca, I continue to “stand up” against controllers, dominators, and racists!  It’s a job that I respectfully step up to take wherever I am!

At this point in my life (retirement), I still face challenges as I notice the lack of respect for seniors and people of color.  I’m not complaining because I know that humans are always trying to get on “the winning side” until they hopefully and finally realize that we are on the same “side” – Humanity.  If we can try to learn to embrace a “common truth(s)” and work together regardless of the color of our skin or the religion we may choose (don’t hurt nobody!), not to mention our financial state, things can turn out better for ALL of us.  Right now, it seems that humanity is “fractured” and either we roll together, or we “self-destruct” together!  Don’t ignore the role of “guns” as it seeks to hollow out humanity!!  I’m sure you’ve heard the axiom, “Live by the sword, die by the sword!”  In part, that’s American History, too!  Right about now, a lot of humans are “standing up”!  Keep in mind, I don’t mind having a little fun, just not at my expense!!


John I. Cook, Director

Thank you for reading!

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