Keep Assault Weapons? Really?!? What Else???

Well, things worldwide are crazy!!  The only thing that we can really control is “ourselves” …  So, join me in a TGIF, if you’d be so kind!  Thank you All, of course!

Living in the world today is like an adventure in the midst of a jigsaw puzzle!  It seems that while we are being “socialized” (school, church, recreation, sports, etc.), we are also being bombarded with some scary “social” stuff.  It makes being successful or at least competent rather difficult!  Imagine being subject to being bullied by a former president of the country who makes light of a photograph holding a baseball bat in one and “your” photograph being placed right next to his as a threat!  How about living or traveling to a state where the governor’s campaign cry is: “Florida is where woke comes to die!”  How tasteless and classless, not to mention what a horrible “dog whistle”.  How dangerous is such a suggestion for Mr. Bragg and his family as he is simply doing his job.  Meanwhile, the ex-president is facing multiple legal cases and is STILL running for president again while doing massive fund raising!  Are we enjoying the reality tv show now?!?  This character has actually convinced some people in America that he should be president AGAIN!!  How ignorant … as if people haven’t had enough of his “Tom Foolery”!!  “The whole world is watching!!”  When I traveled in Western Europe before coming to Costa Rica circa Fall 2017, the whole world was laughing at how the “arrogant Americans” elected a horse’s arse to lead the country!!

I can’t do the “Let’s make sure that this doesn’t happen again!” speech that comes after every shooting in the States anymore!  When I hear representative Jim Jordan say he is defending the constitution and the second amendment right to bear arms (which was originally intended to make it legal for colonists to defend themselves against the plundering British troops!), it shows that he is not concerned with ANY ones death at the expense of an assault weapon massacre!  Of course, let’s not forget Marjorie Taylor Greene’s comment that not only was the assassin being treated by a doctor but that she was also a transsexual!!  I mean these toxic people take every opportunity to say something low class, callous, and just wrong!  Some supporters of this criminal really need to do a serious reality check! 

I consider myself to be a social scientist not only because I have an acute interest in human interactions in a society but because I attempt to use concepts and theories to explain such behavior and change it, if possible.  There is a professor at my alma mater, Princeton University, Maurice P. During Professor of Sociology, who has released a new book called “Poverty By America”.  His name is Matthew Desmond, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin.  This scholar has been involved in investigative research regarding American styled deprivation with a focus on the state of affairs for the poor.  In his studies, he shows how many US policies exploit the poor while simultaneously giving tax breaks to those above the poverty level!!  We know that many of the poor in America are people of color.  That’s the way colonial society was designed and set up!!  For example, last year the poor shouldered over 11.8 billion dollars in overdraft fees.  The “poor” are people who are considered financially vulnerable and financially coping.  I’m impressed sometimes how so many people can still function, get along in society, and not commit crimes given the insurmountable ever-present pressure put on the poor!  It’s still designed that way according to Professor Desmond’s research!  The new “criminal style” leaders have figured out how to use many divisive issues to keep the American people at odds with themselves!  And yes, the whole world is watching as some try to “save” democracy!!  Imagine that in a US city like Nashville, the state government is “sitting on” 1.5 million dollars of federal funds identified for poverty programs in that city alone!  And then, we have events like the recent mass shooting at a religious school where perhaps the perpetrator may have received some professional help via one of those “unfunded” programs!  Child poverty in America is higher than in any other advanced nation in the world! More and more of this type of “theft” or negligence of the poor has been occurring in the heavily populated cities which are breeding grounds for crime and dissension!  Be glad that “you” and I don’t have to deal with this crap!  Sometimes, “The States” looks like a concentration camp for those without and unaware of the means to alleviate their conditions that they have literally found themselves in society!!  If we humans aren’t careful, we will destroy ourselves!!  Enter “AI”!!

In closing, please keep in mind that in many ways, the citizens of the universe are “one”!  We are one!  Why don’t we act like it?  Is it because we are chasing the concept of “power over another” and limitless greed?!?  Well, yes, in case you haven’t noticed!!  “Be the BEST that YOU can be!”

Thanks for reading!


John I. Cook, Director

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