An Alternative to Gloom and Doom …

Happy Friday, Y’all!

You bet!  I’m serious about this “happy” stuff!  We never know how much more time the Earth has to live at the rate things are going so … TGIF with me!!  Cool!!

It’s pretty clear that the whole world is out of control.  Some of us care, others don’t even want to hear it, and still other humans could care less as long as that carrot is dangling in front of their noses!!  Now, while I don’t blame those who don’t want to know about the bad things, the bad is starting to overtake the “good” things.  But what would you rather have happen … arrive in your home country in the middle of Civil War II?  Maybe arrive at your friend’s home in say the Czech Republic to find out that some authoritarian “ruler” is going to drop bombs on the tourist locations in a particular city there??  You STILL don’t want to know?!?  I know … I’ve said it once so I’ll say it again … “Ignorance is bliss …”.  As for me, I ALWAYS like to be well informed!!

About six years ago, I set out looking for a place to retire.  Sometimes I thought about where I wanted to just die.  But, I soon decided that not only was I too young for that, but that I have an opportunity to enjoy what’s left of “Life on Earth”.  You all didn’t think that this greed thing would last forever, right?  At some point, like now, humans must confront the fact that there is not much more to hoard on the Planet in an effort to “make a profit”.  Over the years, I’ve gotten sick of that as I watched and worked with people who had very few, if any, concrete sustainable values.  Like what, you ask?  Like honesty or truth, hard work, cooperation, and collaboration with our fellow humans coupled with a large dose of optimism is what I’m talking about!!  What about you?!?  Well THIS is what Educational Excellence is all about.  The last word says it best … not mediocrity, but excellence in whatever you do!!

It seems that every human “issue” nowadays has to have a monetary answer!  I mean, this money thing doesn’t grow on trees, as my parents used to reiterate whenever we children behaved too carefree!  My parents KNEW the value of money.  Now me, I’m just cheap!  But … the things I have … last a long time … because I take care of them … just the way they taught us!  It’s sad to see that “so-called” leaders have lost their sense of humanity after they struggle to accumulate this man-made concept called “money”!  Now, all I hear from some crazy news commentators is how much “money” it will take to end “Global Warming” … and how many years  it will take to slow it down!!  Don’t hold your breath on that one!!

Me, personally … I just want to maximize what’s left of my life experiences.  Us humans have created so many ways to destroy ourselves (guns and bombs) and our Planet that we are fighting each other for control of (how foolhardy!) that we are NOT even concerned with what we have DONE to the Planet!  When I observe people communicate sometimes and it’s either that religion or this one causing the problem … or, this color or that other color that is causing the problem, I get exhausted!  In observing all of the greed, lust for power that many humans seek coupled with the ignorance that “we” are destroying our “human home”, I get “uncomfortable”.  This is NOT excellence!  This is not progressive!  It definitely is not optimistic!!  When I find myself around that negative vibration (energy), I MUST remove myself … or seek to change it!  For way too long, I have hung around people who were just darn negative and full of hate!  I have evolved and raised my vibration to find my way away from such destructive behavior and hostilities!  One of my spiritual “friends”, “Jade”, uses a term that eliminates the need for the use of racism in placing the blame on, not to mention a particular religion or socio-economic level human who was born into their station of life – The Dominators!  When I utilize this concept in an analysis of what is taking humanity down this deep hole of nothingness and self-destruction, I can identify “the dominators” and we can observe with our OWN EYES (and feel with our bodies) the horrific effects of not being led by these entities, but actually dominated by them!!  Creatures like this suggest that instead of ending the drilling into the Earth’s surface for oil, that we simply calculate how much “man made money” it will take to clean up the mess and side effects that us humans experience everyday!!  These imbalanced “dominators” could care less about anything else except their “man made” (fake) power.  We ALL need to raise our vibrations to counter this spiritual dearth and negative vibrations being thrust down our throats by these selfish dominators!  Thanks “Jade” for your concept … I hope I didn’t misrepresent it!

If WE want alternatives to the “doom and gloom” syndrome that we “regular” humans have found ourselves in, we must identify and demobilize “the dominators”!  When I observe the current Russian dictator or the Chinese dictator, they look a lot like the last “want to be dictator” who infected his way to the highest office in the States!  He’s trying it again as we speak!!  So, if you have negative repercussions from the confusion of “the dominators”, seek optimism in your interactions with other humans!  Expel those insecurities and join with like-minded humans who actually want to SAVE humanity!  Get rid of those “taught” prejudices and embrace the diversity eminent in the human race!

Thanks for reading!


John I. Cook, Director

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