Celebrate International Women’s Month!!

Happy Friday, Folks!  Yes!  Yes!  It’s International Women’s Month!!  We’ll accept that … even though women have done and continue to do a lot for the World we live in each day!!  So, TGIF for the Women of the World!  Thank you ALL for being!!

Women in general have been getting a “bad rap” in many human civilizations worldwide!!  Just in case you didn’t know, women didn’t even have the right to vote in the USA until 1920!!  Imagine that … having babies, raising families, taking care of their homes and “husbands” … without the RIGHT to vote!!  Is that uncivilized bordering on a form of “human slavery” or what??  I think of my Mother, a very unique woman who not only worked as a “domestic engineer”, but also worked with the local church’s Flower Club and served as president of the PTA (Parent/Teacher’s Association) at my elementary school in White Plains, NY.  She was also a “Girl Scouts of America” troop leader there in The Winbrook Apartments and served as president of the White Plains Student Aid Society!  Oh yeah, she was not only my Mom but Mom to three of my siblings as well as “Big Ike’s” wife!  So, I am kind of biased in terms of my definition of a “woman”.  Most regular women that I’ve met fall short of my Mom.  Ain’t she a woman!!?!

There are so many examples of successful women in our world today even though the definition of “successful” may vary.  When we see people like Vice President Harris, recent US Supreme Court appointees Justice Sonya Sotomayor and Justice  Ketanji Brown Jackson, and even Janet Yellen who is currently serving as the Secretary of the US Department of the Treasury, we can see that these women excelled in their lives!  I mean we had Margaret Thatcher as Prime Minister in England, Harriet Tubman, and Rosa Parks in the USA … just to name a few more outstanding women!!  To me, nowadays, it seems that women have become more interested in becoming “professional breadwinners”, which is in line with humans’ insatiable desire for “wealth” in the form of money!  Humans have placed capitalistic success as our goal and we have nearly ignored the emotional-spiritual realm and the deficiencies caused by “imbalanced living”.  As a result, so many humans experience “mental illnesses”.  Yet, as I see it, the inclusion of a woman’s point of view may help to balance our world’s approach to leadership!  From where I sit, it looks like the “men” are failing the world as corrupt madmen continue to “take over”, run and perhaps finally ruin our World with greed, power-hungry egotism, and destruction!

In closing, I wanted to congratulate “ESPN en Espanol” for highlighting the accomplishments of women who have taken on important positions as announcers, doctors, and even sports analysts by giving them individual segments to state what their positions mean to them!  There are many others whom I hope will rise to positions of leadership and responsibility!!

Thanks for reading!!


John I. Cook, Director

Thank You All for reading!!

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